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He was he was a writer singer dancer he was back in those days everybody that was in an entertainment they trained in every every all zone was and he wrote the he didn't write that song bob marley rockets and he he he was the first one recorded in like sixty one or sixty two something like that johnny nash so googling and a day reiko that's what i like about dave reichel day reichel eight that oh i get into either just told you about johnny nash forgive oh what do you think what do you think about my little idea about the about the economics i think that's a great idea i mean there'd be something we we've we have thrown around the concept we haven't fully got it all together we was ain't doing a investment where we have a bankers come in and teach to speak on that but we instead of having that because at the spark event we ha we host it's usually ten to fifteen minutes so that's something that would would need its own it would need a similar okay.

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