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Just a lot going on and and hopefully more of these are james well what can i say it's a great day the weather is just perfect outside you've got just a nice thin lear clouds and we've got a nice warm day we'll rick hillis brought his canopy down rick is the founder of one hero to time fact that one's coming up thirtieth in mesquite that's the fifth one i believe there and we have we've done eight of mayor will have nine coming up or i believe we're setting time for senator twentysecond i believe tentatively we're negotiating with the city to get the the theater downtown on water street so hopefully we get that put together so stay tuned for that that one here at a time is a fantastic event we have launched the wheelchair program off of that tenet dan is here today he was he was a recipient several years ago one of our one hero and if you don't know what one hero is that is an event that we find a veteran that's paid a dear price we get his family to come out you meet the family and we do a fundraiser for them when you go through the gate to listen to the entertainment you pay your twenty dollars directly to that veteran and the family and we'll raise ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars one an impact that has on that family and people don't realize.

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