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Jeez aw fast ball down on sand right so i am a person of average height but in current company even though i can't see them i feel like i'm creating my neck up at everyone who is joining me right now not only jeff who is tall person but also very tall catchers i is grayson greiner who just made his major league debut with the detroit tigers grayson doing well grayson is the most recent of the six catchers club and the very first member is also joining us don geely who played for the best in red sox from nineteen fifty nine to nineteen sixty two done how are you just fine thank you thank you for letting me be part of this yeah i'm glad to bring you guys together in addition to the middle member of the six catchers club pete kogel who played for the milwaukee brewers in the philadelphia phillies from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy two hello pete thank you thank you for having me on so i guess i i'll ask because baseball listed heights are not always accurate is any of you actually six five or six seven just passing for six six seventy one a come clean get anything off their chest or you all actually six well i started out six six down a little bit eighty three years old we'll do that for you actually six six and a half okay i'm not anymore right yeah many hip replacements and so forth and grayson.

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