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Show up in wins and losses plus might have kinda thing yeah because of the of the jazz part of the game which you know i value yeah he so yes it's it's not a surprise but if it's stirred conference final is made five all star games he any gird one of three amazing you know national championship college team i he's incredible entire eras gately talented but yeah i i don't know that brad should have won i don't know that brad pitt and ranked above nate or anything as you mentioned i just thought he he's such incredible job for that team i mean let's face it we looked at renfrew protector god that can jump above the rim defensively we look at balks at the point of attack all right they have no rimprotector that can jump above eleven to have faith and khyber europe and yet they're one for much of the year and they were talked to depend team much all year that coaching staff i'm not crediting the head coach but whatever i i don't think brad cares i think the celtics value in huge late and he's remaking money this game brave long time coach and welldeserved yes really gonna with the and tend to be very clear here that he was not on my ballot is not flexible on how i felt about like a couple of months ago i thought i was i he was in my theoretical he was on my top slot a couple of months ago but it's the way the rest of the season evolved and how far the utah jazz came so far that they had such a phenomenal finish over the last few months and when with a rookie there that the sixers didn't just make the playoffs didn't just finally have a breakthrough year but made it to the two third best in the east and with fifty plus wins like those things just stood out in a way that but brad stevens clearly the guy's phenomenal incredible coach and some of the reason that these guys have done so well so soon as young players you have to give him some some some credit there for sure you create the environment for these guys to thrive in obviously so that.

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