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Bridge then southbound 95 in the Stafford area near telegraph road That was where we also had a closure due to some tractor trailers across the roadway I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic There's some sunshine out there storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter And Jenny yeah lots of sunshine out there and that's a good thing Temperatures are getting into the mid 30s right around 40 this afternoon So a little blow average for highs Just enough that we can get some melting going on And the air is really really dry too so a lot of that snow melt will evaporate in the sunshine today That certainly helps the situation Now temperatures will be falling pretty quickly after sunset this evening given the clear skies and the snowpack and the calm winds but clouds are going to be moving in overnight tonight So the refreeze is not going to be as serious as it was last night This time blows would be in the mid 20s to lower 30s And at those temperatures a lot of the treatments including the consumer grade ones will work on some of the ice So again a refreeze so there's certainly some concern tonight but it is not as serious as last night's freeze Now heading into tomorrow some clouds of the morning that partly sunny and a little milder we'll get back into the mid 40s for highs And the clouds will come back in again on Thursday highs will be in the low to mid 40s The next system that we're tracking appears to be the next chance for some wintry weather and it does look like it could be a plowable snowstorm So it couldn't have moderate impact especially on top of the areas that still have everything from yesterday So it looks like some snow move in Thursday night and taper off on Friday morning And we could be looking at several inches of accumulation out of this worst case scenario Don't see any double digit snowfall accumulations possible with this guy that will just tell you that right now And then on Friday we'll see a cold day after sky start clearing in the afternoon highs will only be around 30° Right now around the area we have 33° in downtown manassas We have 30 and gave this Berg and it's 32 officially at Washington Reagan national And that's brought to you by new look home design right now save.

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