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He cuties Dan Brekke is with me. Now, he's been following every development closely. Hi, dan. Good morning. Dan, so much has happened this past week. We had some key filings. Come out over the holidays stemming from PG knees felony probation in the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion in two thousand ten and the judge overseeing that probation asked. Attorney general heavier viscera to weigh in by December thirty first and what he was. Basically asking is did the utility commit a state level crime. So the federal judge in this case judge William also wanted to know if PG he was acting recklessly starting any of the fires in two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen including the campfire and view county, what were the legal consequences, and the attorney general's answer was anything from a misdemeanor charge for failing to maintain vegetation properly all the way up to murder. Now. The judge also asked PG need to weigh in on what role if any it played in the campfire. What did we learn from that the PG filing contain some new details about what happened the morning? The fire started, for instance, the role one of its supervisors played in spotting the fire when it was just a little quarter acre fire underneath a transmission line up there. But the filing also includes some more detailed inspection history of that line, including the fact that the last detailed inspect spec. Action that that transmission tower got was in two thousand fourteen five years ago. And finally before we let you go the CPU see the state's top regulator overseeing PG any coming out with some stunning proposals before the Christmas holiday on white. The future of this company might look like the CPI has been looking at the company's safety culture for several years. And in the midst of a lot of public clamor for big changes at PGA after the campfire, they say that they want to consider a wide range of of possibilities and those range from just basically kicking out the board of directors and appointing a new safety conscious board of directors to changing senior management to maybe switching the company over to a public utility. Instead, we're privately owned one none of which are easy tasks to be sure these Dan Brekke. Thank you so much. You're welcome early childhood education and childcare are expected to top governor elect Gavin Newsom. List of spending priorities. The LA times reports news then will ask for almost two billion dollars to pay for a host of programs that includes phasing in an expansion of prekindergarten meanwhile in San Diego customs and border protection says agents fired tear gas on a group of one hundred and fifty migrants trying to breach a border fence. The agency says it was targeting migrants throwing rocks at agents as kids were being passed over concertina wire support for the California report comes from.

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