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Repeat, warning adult content ahead in 321. Well, actually, this Katie millions of women In America. Yeah. Aren't sure where they're JJ is. According to a new study. Million's I don't know the general area. Yeah, they don't know anything about it. You mean the parts on it? There's 59% cannot identify the uterus. Okay? 46% And I always say this weird cervix, cervix cervix in 25% could not find the actual The but the JJ. I'm surprised that you're actually even able and mature enough to say the words. You can't say vagina. But you could say that J. J. J. That's a technical medical term. It is the medical term, but yeah, you may draw picture. I don't need a picture. These women know take millions weren't sure they didn't work. Sure. What do they not know? They said that a hard time identifying parts of their reproductive system. Well, I do. You're Dude. I know I don't I don't understand it all. It's like a mess down there. Beautiful flower. It is funny like women, like, Oh, the male anatomy ugly who want to see that? Not so nice. I mean, really, If you break it down down, they're ours is on the inside. And you're just hanging there. That is true. So you know that is true. Garces looks good. Yeah, it's like, but it's like I think both aren't great. I like it. I like the what I like the women's private part like that. What do you want? A private party just messed out. Yeah, I like the best beautiful man like it. It's what it represents, huh? Now steady. Okay, Thank God one way and then the other like a mess on there like that. Embrace the mask. Yes, but I like the man. It's a beautiful ass. Yeah, it's as God intended. It's like going to the botanical gardens and this pushes all over the place, right? Yeah. Okay. Tonight E. Don't think he'll go the botanical gardens like man. What a mess. Oh, pushes. It's kind of Overgrown sometimes things and they meshed together different. You thinks what it represents. I could also say guard but you go to a botanical garden and why we're comparing it to the potatoes. I don't know what your problem, child we were way say. Beautiful creation by God. That makes sense its life giving it goes together. It's pleasing to the eye brings you closer together when you were yeah. Or a beautiful mess. Whatever you want to say. Yeah, I'm confused. Unless unless you're not that good looking just.

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