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That's really interesting and so like you said charlie what we've seen on the hill this week chuck grassley the senator from iowa who's the chairman of the judiciary committee is going to allow it seems like it's going to allow vote in his committee on this bill that would give a special counsel ten days to challenge a firing though we should add it's still unclear if it would ever make it to the senate floor as our colleagues alana shore and burgess everett wrote in their story the quoted mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader who said i haven't seen a clear indication yet that we need to pass something to keep him from being removed preferring to muller so we're seeing some cracks but in terms of the leadership in in congress they they seem still reluctant to take up that mantle that you just mentioned charlie and we haven't even gotten to the question of whether it could make it to the house floor much less the senate floor well nbc no evidence since trump's campaign that congressional leadership or even rank and file people there have been some rank and file people who have stood up to trump but for the most part congress has largely gone along with his things you know i think it's in part because they wanted a tax bill and they wanted to slash regulations but they've gone along with you know some of the things that he said some of the identity politics some of the racially insensitive things that he said you know they've gone along with access hollywood tape and some of the questions about how the president treats women he's derided muslims he's derided a bunch of different ethnic groups and they've got.

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