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That? Show do ignace certain way that I think would be like a great. You know. I don't know I. I think I had aspirations of doing it. In a way that we're probably or thinking rightly or wrongly that. Oh I could you know. make the show More like that show that I grew up watching which I think is probably mistaken. Yeah if you could if you could go back and keep the tonight show. Which like if there was some sort of magical lever that could be pulled. I wouldn't change a fame about any of it and I really mean that I think people sometimes say really you know I think. Now I I think I think the everything happened when that went down was excruciating but also in some ways magical and beautiful like the whole movement that came out of it than the. I think it it. The tour was really meaningful to me and I think moving over to t s being able to do things exactly the way we wanna do them. Yeah and I I mean. That's that's something that when people I've talked to me about it. I'd say you know you own this show and it. It wouldn't matter how long you on the tonight show. Yeah you would have been an employee. Yea and I think you know I think at the end of the day there's again we go back to rule in hell someone that's not. That's no slam against TBS. But I think I have to do things the way I need to do them. And I don't know if that was going to be possible in other scenario and I'm.

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