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Fire started a fire on the outskirts of a golf course in granada hills is damaged three houses but firefighters were able to put the fire out and keep the damage minor a fire also destroyed two cars started earlier this afternoon at the border of the knoll would golf course fire officials say that fire is now out fire evacuation orders for people living in forty homes in the hills above burbank have been lifted that fire broke out along country club drive or i should say near country club drive above sunset canyon around one o'clock this afternoon cops at one point went door to door to tell people it was time to clear out evacuation orders were lifted about seven o'clock tonight the fires charred at least forty five acres that one's thirty percent contained manfred deb by police at a house in sherman oaks turned out to be former ucla and sacramento kings star tyler honeycutt cops responded to a man with a gun called about five yesterday afternoon when they arrive the man had barricaded himself inside swat team was called in and after eleven hours they entered the home and found the guy debt when officers first arrived a man apparently started shooting at them officers fired back police say that honeycutt was killed by a self inflicted gunshot officials in thailand say the operation to rescue twelve boys in their soccer coach from a partially flooded cave could take up to four days the mission has begun is brian has mentioned officials say it's because water levels are at optimum low levels right now to secure the safety of the thirteen that have been trapped for nearly two weeks in the cave vice president pence is calling out democratic critics who want to abolish ice the truth is the calls to abolish ice are not just outrageous response vouching ice would mean more illegal immigration bulging ice would mean more violent crime penn says communities are becoming safer because ics is cracking down on violent gangs like ms thirteen and he says immigration enforcement is vital to.

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