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A little bit more an answerable question of knowing what he is going to be can he play coherently and consistently with jalen hurts remains to be seen the other addition or improvement rather chris is that of adding ryan kerrigan. Now if this was five years ago. I think i'd be saying wow. This is a fantastic addition. He's a great edge rusher dangerous player and we talked about it a little bit when he signed with the eagles but when you look at their whole free agency. This is the only really recognizable name that stands out and a team that lost some defensive line players like me jackson a team that is regressing and getting older on the defensive side of the football. I think anybody like ryan kerrigan is plus just. Because he's a veteran guy he's consistent. He'll cause some problems but he's not the same player that used to be. Yeah no this is the thing we talked about with. Nick faldo is that ryan kerrigan has pretty much long been. His whole career has been a giant killer and it should give the giants at least a little bit of a pause to see him staying in the nfc east end really going to a team that the giants have struggled against for pretty much all the last decade and that is note worthy like you said he isn't the same player he was Even three certainly five years ago. He is losing a step. He isn't an every down edge rusher anymore but he is a guy who can help their defense if they can get into a second or third and long situations just obvious pass rushing situations. You know he can still beat ofensive tackles. He can still apply pressure to the quarterback and get the quarterback on the ground. He has been you really remarkably consistent being able to do that throughout his career even as he's lost step yeah even though he has lost a step a guy like that a guy like ryan kerrigan who has been so disruptive for so long is only going to drop off so much. Never last thing chris. That is a little bit more figurative. I guess is that this. This team improved in the sense that they're probably going to be more healthy than they were last year. There were a ton of injuries along their offense of line inconsistencies with guys being available to play to a point where it was a. Who's who on the offensive line jordan. May lada was a nice surprise but separate from that. They had to plug in and play a ton of random players along their offense their defensive injuries. All of that stuff comes into play which really led to a disastrous season in twenty twenty because of all those injuries. It looked like they were going to win the nfc east to had they not dealt with some of these issues that they were dealing with in the second half but now coming into twenty twenty one. They should be more healthy across the board. And i think the big thing for me here is the health of the offense of line. These if you have lane. Johnson you have brandon brooks. You have a decent kelsey. Maybe you plug in land and dickerson jordan melodic and slot in at that on either tackle spot if you're willing to go with him again. That's a pretty good offensive line. If that's what the role in west. Yeah i i would say that as long as offensive line is stay healthy. It should be good enough for them to at least be competitive. That offensive line group shouldn't hold them back. it doesn't really have any liabilities on it. As long as they're healthy now as we saw last year that that is kind of easier said than done and really the eagles last year kind of reminded me of the giants kind of in the middle or towards the end of. Tom coughlin's tenure when they were the reigning injury dynasty and you never knew exactly which position group was getting a wiped out by injury. But it at some point. You just knew you're going to find out what the bottom of at least one physician groups depth chart looked like at. It wasn't going to be pretty so if the eagles can stay healthy. That could be the biggest thing for them this year. Where just having their intended starters on the field they showed they could be competitive in the nfc east with their starting roster the trick the trick really could be just keeping those guys on the field for seventeen games yet. Keeping all those guys healthy and availabil- is going to be so crucial for any success on this team and the other thing too that i completely glazed over andre dillard who. They drafted very highly a couple of years. Ago was the biggest injury that they dealt with early on. Who probably going to be playing left tackle for them at the start of the season so they actually have some pretty good depth if they're fully healthy with their oh line. It's just again a matter of if all of these older guys are available to play because you we're looking at jalen hurts who is able to throw off structure a little bit better than some other guys in the nfl. But you don't really want a second year quarterback running for his life. We saw what happened with daniel jones. The eagles do not want that to be What's happening jalen hurts in this twenty twenty one season. Their success is going to be really dependent on the health of that offensive line that just seemingly every single year has been very very healthy. Coming up we're gonna talk about their off-season regressions and you could imagine. There were some pretty big steps down for the eagles team before we get to that. Though we're just gonna take a short commercial break.

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