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WBC's traffic on the threes, Kevin lot of fog out there, as we were mentioning, that's going to limit your visibility a little bit in spot. Some of you seen some snow showers and even a little bit of rain. Just a couple of raindrops. Otherwise dry tonight will be in the upper forties. Today, Low 32 this evening, looking ahead to Friday partly cloudy and chilly periods of rain tomorrow night into Saturday. Some of the ring quite heavy at times high mid forties Friday, turning into Very mild, blustery Saturday near 50 degrees, and again, it will dry out. But those winds are gonna howl Sunday. Still windy, colder. Some sunshine, though so dry, it will feel like it's in the twenties and thirties we have alive. Weather update coming up with Bob Larson in 10 minutes. Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. All right. Good Thursday. Thanks for being with us. Here are the five things you need to know. A 12 15. We have breaking news this just in to the devil. BBC news from seconds ago. Governor Baker announcing The decision is made. He is sending the Massachusetts National Guard to D. C for President elect Joe Biden's inauguration again. Governor Baker activating the Massachusetts National Guard to assist in protecting the peace for the inauguration next week. This is developing will have more from the governor coming up in the 12 30 news also coming up. A New Hampshire man is under arrest and headed to court in connection with last week's deadly siege in the U. S. Capitol..

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