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He was incredible stuff. He just died like Brian. He wants play Jones beach a few years ago. He had no money. You take a taxi back to Manhattan. I said, I'll get you a limo. This is how bad it was for these guys go down bell who's the sexiest woman. Again, I think who is sexy, Peggy league was the nicest, too sexy and classic Iowa doing this show with her at the woman ice skating rink uses was the food. I said, why sponsors shape a be go to case a beer when address room? No, no, I got an orchestra here. Send somebody out. Here's two hundred bucks to this place was famous in Times Square to get hot dogs for everybody in the band. She was great. I want to go into too much details about drugs in your business, but my friend, thanks to a concert and famous metal band, big hairband, and we're standing there talking and the show's about to start and you hear in the stars dressing here. Than here. The voice clicks in all there. He does too big rails and he's ready. The door opens. He throws the scarf as he's like, let's go. And he's ready to go. Is that your business is that part of your business? The gotta get their motivation should go couple of people once in a while would say, hey, I got a bit dust me up. Dust me up and I go, what do you want? Jimmy Smith yoga play. I was planning showed him and I go in later on in life. Hey, man, you got any coke Jimmy. That was twenty years. He was bit, but I don't see any more. Sexy women. I kind of think of sexy women, I mean a love, my wife, but who is sexy was a chick. I gotta think about that Stevie nicks. Carly, Simon, she? Yeah, she was. Long legs gun is grace slick. I think it was off camera here. We'll talk about who would figure it out. Is this a new chick sedation Monet's supposed to be pretty safe? I guess the sexiest woman today's beyond saying, well, I tell you what Christy Turlington. She sing people that came in. Maybe she can't see back when. And then when you were twelve years old, it was like the kit Zabel boys. You Billy's mother-in-law, Michelle Phillips. There's one was gorgeous gorgeous. What was it aiming to ban? Mama's. That's it. Lou Luella recite on that money. My brother is married to her to China and China's daughter. Brooke is a carbon copy of Michelle. Scary. Looks like Michelle. When we go out, we'll go out with the the, but I wanna say, thank you for doing this. Thank you. You are. Time we with the man still doing the John's bay. So you still doing shit too. We're going to do this. That's what we do. We get up in the morning, and that's what we do. I tell my wife that it's fortunate that my wife now doesn't have. We don't have the relationship. I feel it's really terrible for me feel that way. But I love like crazy. She loves me. It ruins lives, but it, you know, the business came first xactly like Kazan said in that movie, that was a job would all to do that. We didn't ask questions. Rondell, sir. As he and I discussed, we're going to take the show out on Bobby DARREN'S beyond the sea, but Ron wanted to pay tribute to the songs writer too. So we'll start with the version by Charles trae the song and the chords are the same, but listen to the melancholy tinge strings and harp instead of brass and percussion. Doubt. My. Me. The show. Casts just. We will be. Never. Again that one verse is the only thing that makes it a love song will kiss just as before and never again, I'll go sailing that's missing in today's original. It's just the singer and the song I wonder which one Ron prefers. Rondell the man who promoted the rock acts that you love your children and your grandchildren love. This is Alec Baldwin and you're listening to, here's the thing. Done.

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