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In print. you expect me to you this is Jeff Wagner he is not a home improvement expert thirty two to furnish just like you to the piano lucky for him and you he doesn't know a lot of home improvement experts who give tips and tricks to get all your fall maintenance and renovation projects done before winter weather stripping sounds like something they do and hot southern states Jeff Wagner's home improvement showcase sponsored by fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin and the home market. what's this it's a heart shaped diamond a real diamond of course it's real no we can do that there this is Kessler's we can do anything with other cool sixty we have besides the traditional round diamond and our famous thirty one yeah well we have the princess cut those are square right right and then we have our differences and we have diamonds but I think of the Mars ranger ranger I like that overall an emerald. and we also have a square emerald cut and a cushion and a marquee marquis it's a noble point at both ends. does it come with a football player and we have the radiant in the late. how many of these fancy on round diamonds can we show people about eight hundred welcome to. the cancels nearest you Kessler's diamonds dot com. the classic Disney movie old Yeller is a heart wrenching tale of love grief and duty about doing what had to be done despite the pain Dr Michael Ziglar says that story and others like it help us to better understand how god felt about a world infected by CN and this week on the Lutheran hour. Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ. internet radio he's are coming I'm Gerry McNamara.

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