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Price the city some ridiculous looking pre second video so it's four hundred ninety nine dollars for how long you saw. I don't even listen name from the office. They do the yet to look at what time i gotta make a million bucks on it in a year. Who's who look it up. I can't think i just remind my fucking phone. Steve carell known. What do i sh- route. Dude kevin kevin yes. He made a million dollars brian. I'm million dollars million dollars. Yes he what do you like twenty video day or something. I make that at all. I mean even have like people that are impersonators. The celebrities that are on their fucking animals animals like cat like grumpy cat now. He's dead and ships. You're the one knows about the ship. I said somebody started sending them to me. Some fucking crazy you know. Get a band max. Cavallero from seoul fly sent us one. And then just fucking new. My friends fucking doing for mother's day but there wasn't anything good no look to don don. Johnson was going to choose from my mom because he used to love mine guys impersonator. And she like that too. But don johnson and she Love miami vice. That could be a good one. But he's paying five hundred dollars for don johnson. The don johnson five hundred dollars year seem as mandy moore. I need to know your worth. There are so many famous people there that are like thirty bucks fifty bucks. There's a lot of people like gerald. Would you pay for the johnson for. I would've paid one hundred one hundred and fifty two hundred. Maybe it's always worth don- johnson does save something to my mother for mother's day. Yeah no that's how much you're mutt. These your let's your mother's were. Yeah bro you should have done it. No five hundred dollar She just gave you dick out of money man. I would've gotten really bad. I mean. I love my momma. Meet you man. I love my mom. I love you but you don't want not not five hundred dollars. Five hundred dollars from. I've hundred dollars worth of spaghetti o's in two years. Let's go through a couple of these professional wrestler. mick foley. guess how much he ever had. Three hundred two hundred fifty q. Going down one one ninety nine fifty nine one twenty nine one twenty call. Yeah like he'll video they'll do for thirty seconds or you. Can they actually have them or hire famous person. If they'll do it to like quit your job and you can text your bosses quit for you. Hey i'm So-and-so kid rock and scott says fuck you you know what i mean or you can set one up like that. Like bam our jared. Jared would emerge so you're so you can pretty much whoever ever liked came. You are real paid to send real quick access for like ten bucks. I left i left a bunch of friends in orlando one night. Because they're fucking drunk in assholes and they weren't leaving. We had another guy that had taken to the hospital but they laughed about it so i left him in. Orlando this like twenty years ago. These group of friends have fucked with me about this for twenty years so they sent a cameo of a rapper. Danny diablo. He's a rapper from brooklyn and he's fucked and causing me out about me leaving him and orleans charlie lord you fucking asshole you. They're just. I just got on a random like fucking wednesday in it was fucking great. We should sums thirty bucks. Hey great i have a happened. Actually bob sagging a hundred bucks three ninety nine two hundred three. I thought bob shaggy to three ninety nine four nine three one dollar. We'll hook prices. Who are your closest three forty nine. Fuck danny tanner. That's o or how about mister kenny. G. will play the flute. Probably seven thousand dollars in some of these guys will do for charity. All the money will go to chair seventy five up. Feel like being scott split that last one. Yeah you guys could. So we're going to go three hundred three hundred thirty three dollars for kenji. Stan was our best. He's the most you find out who the most expensive is. i think you can't sort it by Let's see phrase heidel relevant. Okay so the reality stars if if you got somebody that who's fucking guy is who boosie bad as with diseases. Yeah guess. he's killing for only one k that is we're fucking thousand all been. Imagine how long i we're gonna say or not wrapping. Did you know we do that phone. So he's he's number one. He's tied for number one with kevin o'leary from shark tank had fifteen hundred dollars for a recorded message like thirty second. Probably i mean. He's even more than chris tucker. He's number three two thousand dollars. He's probably like instagram famous or something. Yeah probably his team right now. Israel my gosh. Dennis rodman in seven fifty younger than registered famous names. And some shit to say. And you've got gotta talk to your own and instantly. You're getting all this money. Gilbert godfrey probably offers fan. He is actually on here like you. Should roast. our podcast referred whole areas. My friends got gilbert to record one forum in. He is.

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