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From the state Department of Health shows a concerning increase in cases. Camoes Kelly Bleier reports, The state is experiencing a new surge in Covid 19 cases, especially of the transmissible delta variant, which makes up 58% of current cases. Back in mid June. Case counts and hospital admissions flattened. But by late June they started increasing. State health officials are concerned about the areas in the state with lower vaccination rates and fear more spread in these communities. They say more vaccination is needed to keep the virus and check Kelly Bleier common news. The first hand experience of the police officers involved in the U. S Capitol riot might be persuasive to some Republican political strategist Randy Peple is quick to blame Donald Trump for that riot, as were the officers who testified before the House January 6th committee that hopefully we'll sink in with some folks who, up until now have been willing to the former president. A break on this, he incited a riot. And those rioters took it to the capital. Apple also put some of the fault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi since he says her office has a great deal of responsibility for capital protection. He also says Pelosi made it tough for the committee's findings to be accepted because she made it partisan. From day 11 man remains in the hospital after he was shot in the shoulder while driving to work this morning, and his passenger is recovering at home from his own gunshot wound. I mean, I'm angry about it, but I'm also It's kind of depressing. Something like this goes on like this shouldn't happen, right? That's Tom Tucker, the passenger. He says. They were just on their way to work around one a.m.. When two cars pulled up along I five and Kent and opened fire. He doesn't know. He says. Why they were targeted. Police have not made any arrests. Seattle needs more police officers. That's what a leader in the local black community is saying in response to the rash of weekend shootings more from GMOs Corwin Hank. It is not the reaction what expects from a woman who has repeatedly criticized Seattle police officers for targeting black men, women and kids. I can't tell you how many times my family members or me and myself have been stopped for Absolutely no.

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