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Five forty laura how many presidents would have or could have the credibility to give the speech that he gap he stood up for american interests he refused to bow down to the the dow chinese bullying the communist chinese cheating the communist chinese a giant tree which people have thought oh he's been he's they're playing to his vanity i'd love to know what they said on morning joe thanks didn't watch it this morning her love to know what they said i love to know how they how they see we'll find out that they're going to expose themselves the critics of trump has never been happy with anything he does so they weren't happy when he was if so nice to the cia uh uh that he would be nice he didn't challenges of enough now last night when president trump laid down the marker this is going to be a new era in trade for the united states if they complain about that then we know this is pure politics that's all it is they don't care about gene care would uh uh uh uh can people this is about the democrats regaining power shall at all join us eight five five forty laura when a play a lot of clips from this speech greta van susteren is going to join us we're gonna talk to her about the.

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