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The powers that be jeff that we'll get show yao by voting how much we don't care about reallocating resources from police to people who need it. I can't wait the scrambling to rally voters next year. And i hope it is my prayer that voters treat democrat the way joe mansion treats democrats are respect. You'll manson's gangster. He treats democrats exactly the way we should treat them and is simple. Y'all don't get what you want. If i don't get what. I want period. Please let me remind give cory booker. The biggest he ha- he ha. You stupid dumb all right. Well thank you for that donkey today for me sass. She'll be hitting shaun tait. that's right. Ask e eight hundred. Five eight five one series. What's a sachet. no it's actually. You'll see you walk in you walk in a nice back and forth a little sachet current well as he's next eight hundred five zero five one zero five one if you relationship advice or if you just want to learn how to sachet call you should teaches the breakfast level born what what what you wanna know. Baby mamma issue sneezing words of wisdom. Paul up now for ascii eight hundred five eight five one five one. The breakfast club be relationship with rice personal advice. Just the real advice up now for morning everybody is. Dj envy angela. Ye shall guy. We ought to breakfast club. It's time for as e even you relationship advice you can hit up eight hundred five eight five one zero five one. Hello this jose jose. What's your question for ascii cygnus. How ever since. I heard my wife team to her friend about something like she said. Yes no yet. Now you cheated on me. And ever since then i can't get that on my head trying to figure out the kid on me. It's like we weren't fog being reported having sex and all that but said to ask that question now. She's like really outgoing and join free. She was she's telling me she's in on jennifer. How did that on my head. Okay so first of all. What did you overhear on the phone. You know yeah so yes no. Yes makes you think that she's cheating. I don't understand that. When i asked her she said no but every day and everything is fine before it wasn't fine but now on figuring out you know so why. Why do you think that you said you guys wearing having sex. What other reasons has she been out allied talking. He's telling me for twenty years. I'm just trying to figure this out you know. I just can't get out by it. You know she mentioned hasn't but it's like a turnaround you know. Now she's wearing her ring was rank. Now we'll have a more sack now. He's doing everything. I want her to do it. Like she's saying that he wanted to. But i wasn't talking to work. She saying you know it's like i can't get out my hat all right so jose now. The relationship is great. She's doing everything you wanted her to do. So now you don't trust her. Basically yeah like that so you feel better if she wasn't doing the things that you want her to do. This sounds very dysfunctional listening. I'm hesitating i think. Sometimes we can actually cause destruction to our relationships by putting This distrust in the air. Now you haven't caught her doing anything right. Has she ever cheated on you in the past. Do you ever reason not to trust her. I know was rare by my dad. You'll love notre not undiscerning what that sounds more but that's not something that she's done to make you not trust. That's some baggies that you have changed how you cheated news. You're doing this. She's been with for twenty years. But i'm figuring out. Everything is great now. So before i was speaking to her. Why can't you enjoy your relationship. Jose if everything is great now why can't you enjoy. I'm gonna tell you this to people before like more like she wasn't talking me just come home does do my thing and ever since i asked that question are you treating all basis like turned around and you know well. Maybe she did that to make you feel more secure. Because she's like wow. He's not understanding that nothing's wrong. I need to step it up. That might have been a realization for her. That you weren't happy. I can't say whether now she's cheating on you and neither can you right now but what i can say is if there's things that she's doing this out of character if she's not coming home if she's being secretive about her own you know those. Are the clues now if you feel like well. She's treating me too good right now so maybe she was cheating. That doesn't make sense. You know and. I just feel like i don't want you to ruin their relationship with accusations. That don't really have any base other than the fact that things are much better now and the this is what you ask for and this is what you wanted by though. I just don't let that. I think that you had to acknowledge that this at this point right now might be more of your issue than her issue. I think you have to acknowledge the past trauma that you've had your relationship with your father and things that have happened in your past work on yourself. If you need to go to therapy you know you should seek some outside counsel unprofessional help for that. But if you wanna work on making your relationship better if sounds like you have to work on yourself first and foremost. It's not really fair to her to have these accusations Coming from you when she's actually treating you better than she ever has as he's doing the things that you wanted her to do. And i just Now you're yeah weirdo oblong me. Happiness is weird right. So i just want to ask that question things for her to man. She's going out of her way to make sure that you feel loved to make sure she feels loved. Also a place now every kid on because we weren't talking i we talking now. Everything is great going up at the as the great and enjoy the greatness. You guys both deserve and make sure that you reciprocate that and show her the love that she deserves as well and you know what some things are out of our control. Something did happen. You know the truth will reveal itself in time but instead of you just trying to be suspicious and make things even worse. It might be nothing it could be. Maybe she has some other issues going on. That had nothing to do with you go okay. Well thanks a lot for that. Yeah well.

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