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Welcome to the new news update for freestyle. motocross is the fourteenth of July twenty twenty. I know spoken about this before that it was going to happen and I've had a few people asking me about freestyle news and I'm finally doing it. I don't know how often Scott Happen. Probably just when news comes up to be brutally honest Bonn at the moment. There's a lot of news, so let's get stocking to it. This podcast is brought to you by the legends at wrought. The brewery that makes this awesome ten inset FLA and Tannin's up La, alcohol-free bees that I am just so start to drinking right now. That are going to get me through these podcast and get me through this news update. A probably should have a video on just to show you. What a real news update should look like, but thank you very much to rot house for their continued support of the writers podcast. Such. Kick off the news right now I. Guess we're going to start with the Vanson as you know. We're in the middle of coronavirus. Everything is just gone to crap. And so of all the events, and basically there's a whole lot of freestyle riders that harm. There's a whole lot of fans wanting to see action, and the to just can't happen not yet anyway, but was still hoping for new events very soon, so for night of the jumps, the world championships should start on September the fifth in Basel Switzerland. October ten in Cologne. Germany and November the first in Munich Germany saw. Three events still on the books for the World Championships for twenty twenty. Still looking at a couple of other events in November and December, let's see if they will also happen the tickets of obviously being on sale for Basel Carolina Munich, they were on sale before coronavirus kicked off, so they're still there. Basel in Munich already postponed to these new diets. COLLINE has died the same, so our fingers crossed. That works out perfectly and we can get some freestyle Don. Actually some huge news from not of the jumps, and this is something that I've been working on for couple of years now and I'm starting to finally let the cat out of the bag. We are jumping into. An all new E. sports series with the F. Amax World Championships. and. It's with a brand. New Mobile phone game from Ozzy adrenaline from ash will. I think I've known ash almost as long as I've ridden freestyle motocross. He's been involving FM accents pretty much thought in Australia. he was doing all sorts of videos. Ozzie adrenaline and if I remember correctly. when we were talking about this about two years ago, in Berlin, he said he wanted to create a game just for himself just wanted to do it, so he went and basically learned how to. Build a video game and that's how we've got to this brand. New game called Ti, Amex this is motocross. Some not of the jumps and Ti Amax have joined forces to bring this first brand new a sports series to life. The I sixteen will actually sorry. The first eight riders of the sixteen have been released Joshi in from Australia, the triple back flip in Unicorn is going to Dan. Let's see if he can do some triple backwards. In this game Michael Malaria from Spain. He's been working on double flips. He's a five time world champion I'm sure he wants to become an E. FM ex world champion as well Pat Bowden from Australia. Who has been involved in this game pretty much from the various thought, he was sponsored by Ozzy adrenaline for at least ten years that I know of probably Longa Adam Jones. I don't know if he plays too many games, but I'm sure when he gets into a game or whenever he gets into a competition. He just wants to win, so look Adam. Edgy and Tara's from Spain was actually number one? In mad skills might across to. It's another ballgame that's probably been at Nafta like six seven years, so it's pretty old school now, but Edgar was number one on that candy. Get to number one in the new. X. Havi guests from Chile. He'll be another one to look out for. He's got plenty of time there. In the action village being the mayor and run off to everything, so maybe he can get into the Games as well Jose morale is from Spain, he was also in the top fifty of mad skills motocross. Thathew years ago now I guess. Are obviously the two Spaniards Edgar in Jose. They're kind of the game. Is he and Fred career loss from Brazil? So that's the first eight ride has released. We've got another eight rod is. To be released very very very very soon because this will start on July, twenty fifth so seven o'clock. Central European time I think it's plus to ut see. Basically next Saturday not in your. Will be the start of a brand new not of the jumps e, F Amax, well championship series. The first time not of the jumps have ventured into each. And this is something that we're planning to do at our vans. At all the world championship events you can come into the arena and we'll be having some video game tournaments with T. I m. x.. Some other news. I actually just saw today. Crossed the Damon's. Apparently they coming back in February twenty. Sorry February next year twenty, twenty, one in New Zealand. And if you saw what they got up to this year, they were sorry last. Yep, trying to run a brand new tour in Australia I think they got three quarters of the way through. And unfortunately the promoter the took it on went bankrupt SAR. It's interesting to see that New Zealand has popped up for February next year. I Darn Office assign promoter. I don't know. Maybe it's somebody new has taken over the crusty demons to of let's see I. Don't know if there's been other freestone motocross events yet, but definitely this weekend will be one of the first since corona virus has stopped everything in the world, and it's at paid appeal outs place in Prague in the Czech Republic, so it's the jam that puts on every year. This must be the tenth. Twelfth Thirteenth. Fourteenth Year I. I can't remember. And on I've ridden at to all three of them, and it's about twenty minutes from Prague so one thousand people are allowed to be their tickets are on sale for one hundred fifty crowns, which is about twelve years, so if you live in Prague Czech Republic where you live even close to the Czech, Republic, this is one.

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