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Operates where it's going to be. He interception on the boards throws it quickly to the from the net to pull out the winger on the on the other side. Deflects it and carry price has to make a safe. It's almost like a set play, isn't it, Joe? You give up possession of the puck full. Well, knowing you're going to get it back. That line looks like everything they do is set. A soft wind in the offensive zone. McDonald's for the Lightning throws it purposely off the end boards, and it's collected by Yanni Gord Changing direction. He's able to get it back to turn back from the right point. Got a quick shot away that missed the net. McDonough keeps it on the left boards. Or keeps it moving along to the corner. Gaudreau again right point turn AC and he was handcuffed by that, but he did recover to keep it in the zone as he retreats back defensively, 15 15 to go in a scoreless first period. Johnny Gord tees one up. As he comes across the line on left wing that missed everything comes around and out to Senate. Suzuki couldn't reach it. And neither could Anderson. So Gord has it again for Tampa Bay Lightning of scored first in all but four of their playoff games the entire postseason. Cold Caufield handles from Montreal back in his own zone, and Romanoff getting in for the first time since the Vegas series moves it ahead. Suzuki whips it around and in changes for the Canadians, as John Rueda lifts it back for Tampa Bay. The Senate Colton got it as far as the blue line, But Edmondson took Cirelli out, picked up by Petry up right wing. He's got fired into the Tampa Bay zone goes to the backhand tries to center went off escape. Behind its intended target headman by Stamkos a little too far for Sara Lee, and he's bumped by Edmundson. As he gets it into the Montreal zone. Possession goes back to the heads. Byron reverses it. And now full control for the blue Blanket. Rouge was just a great start for Tampa Bay shot six. Nothing Tampa Bay. They've done everything well, they're moving the puck quickly. There's own. They're getting pressure on Carey Price, forcing him to make some big saves. Only thing they haven't done yet is score. Harry can't get a pass up the right side from Weber, who is now forced to throw it through the middle and back into the lightning zone. David Savard dusts it off and gives it to surrogate Kev Pass across the neutral zone alludes Pat Maroon Kulak back to get it quickly from Montreal moves it ahead off the stick of stall it back in the head zone and maroon lifted the stick of his former teammate Corey Perry and kept the puck in. He fluttered it to the corner stall. Just nudges it along. Trying to come over and help is Weber backhands it up the boards but not pass for Didn't 0.50 year man out of Moose jaw on the Western League point, wins it around the boards and now gets it back from Hedman out of the left corner point. The right hand shot all the way to the blue line, hooks it back, intercepted by Kulak in the left circle. He's pestered Go by Andre Palat now just puts it behind the net for Weber, and he ran right into Kucherov pounced in front. And now Rueda has it at the right point. Puts it behind the net. Kulak moves it away, and, uh, cabs do well just clear as it's hoisted to center by Corey Perry brought back in by pellet. He has cultural nudges it ahead for him. He tries to hook it back to him as he went behind. That plot feeds the right point, but it's intercepted on the wall by stall picked up by Sharon. He comes late into the rush across the line on right wing throws it to the net couldn't get a redirect from Gallagher was driving the center left. Kuchar off feathers it across the.

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