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A little bit much on the financial side. And when I say that, I don't mean that the Giants couldn't afford it. Obviously, they could, but it might be more than strategically They feel like is the right thing to do here. But I'd love to see them get one more. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that guy's a starter. And get him in there and then I would feel a lot better about the off season that I think most people did. As of even just a few days ago, they're bringing in some major leaguers. Now, you know, to bring in some guys who you know you can count on. That's why the Stella Prince since gets a three year deal. But the other thing on Peterson is okay. Hold on. He's a Dodger. Well, I have always sort of drawn a line. And there's two sides to that line. Obviously over here are giants who went to L. A and over here. On the other side are Dodgers who came to San Francisco And I like the Dodgers comes San Francisco a lot better than the Giants. Go to L. A You know, there's two arrows and I love the one that's pointing north, much more. I mean, there's the oddity of aural Hersh iser at the end of his career, But forget stuff like that. I'm talking like mid career moves. You know, Same thing with Rome. Oh, and Brian Wilson going down south, but What our guys were in the meat of their career. The Brett Butler thing was painful. But if you're coming this direction And you hit 1 90 last year. And you come here to 80 for the Giants. Like that'll make Dodger fans mad. And I am all about that. I am here for that. Great hot stove tonight. Thanks So much for being with us. That was absolutely great. Mark Wheeler show can be our candy RFM San Francisco these sports leader before we do choose your fated eight. We can get to the breaking news, which is that the Houston Texans have found themselves a new head coach, and his name is David Cully. So I paused there so that you could go Who David Collie now, just because we haven't heard of someone doesn't mean it's about higher. I'll say that It also doesn't mean is like, not a good dude. Not a smart dude. Kali. Based on what I'm reading from other I respect. This is a highly respected guy. Ah, good story. Someone who had been coaching in the NFL for years never thought he would get a chance. And now he has that chance. He was most recently the Ravens passing game coordinator Shout out to My guy Walter on the wheels was like well. You know? How could you not hire the Ravens passing game coordinator since they were doing such a good job? Yeah, Well, maybe it was just that the Ravens would like, You know, we don't need a passing game coordinator, you know, because we don't pass. So this guy's available. Anyway, the Texans grab him and everybody's immediate response is obvious. And I don't want to make this. Uh you know an elephant in the room. Don't touch it. Don't say it. It was obvious that this Shawn Watson Like many rightfully so. Wanted the Houston Texans who do not have a great reputation on the social front at the ownership level. He wanted them to add a minimum. Give the day in court. You diverse candidates. He wanted Eric, the enemy he wanted, Robert Sala. Those guys did not even get interviews. Now it came down to David Collie and Leslie Frazier. Leslie Frazier. Um Would represent more diversity than David Cully. Let's just put it that way. I don't want to paint with a broad brush. I don't know who David Cully is. But there is a lot of speculation out there that this higher Is not. What does Sean was looking for? I've been saying for weeks to Shawn's getting traded. So many laughed at me. Even those Who work near the Houston Texans. And we still don't know definitively that he's going to go. But It pretty much feels that way, doesn't it, doesn't it? I mean the enemy's still coaching. They didn't wait to give him an interview. Who knows if he would have even taken it anyway. It's not that great of a job. They had to go find somebody that was like I never thought I was going to be a head coach. And he's a 65 year old white guy. Just telling you just telling you Is that going to keep the Shawn Watson with the Texans? I highly highly doubt it. So with that breaking news Weave that into all of the other quarterback conversations were having and allow that to take us right up to choose your favorite eight where our options tonight were interesting. Stafford Brady Diet Atmospheric River or dubs starting five This was a runaway vote 55.2% of the vote. The winner is Uh huh. And you wonder, how are you? Making you Some other guy. You before the two of us. God, I love you more. It took me back. Mama. My my You just got Motown or whether you love California raises either way. This is got to be a top 25 song all time fighting the good fight, huh? Yeah. Heels dug in. Thank you, Motown. See you later, Matt Stafford. He gone. So here's what you need to know. And here's what we think we know. Holding Two reports have come out today. The first one states a third of the league. Has called the Lions about Stafford. I want to direct your attention to.

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