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The nuclear threat from north korea on monday the president will write his trade representative to consider opening an investigation into whether china unfairly presses us companies to surrender innovative technologies and other proprietary information american companies have long complained that china forces them to share their intellectual property as a condition of doing business in that country aides say if an investigation is lost any remedies could be at least a year away administration officials downplayed any link between the trade action and us efforts to enlist china's help in putting the brakes on north korea's nuclear and missile programmes but trump himself has said china's cooperation with north korea could lead to more favorable trading terms scott horsely npr news washington joint chiefs of staff chairman general josep dunford is travelling in asia he is due to meet tomorrow was south korea's president and prommoting ten this is npr news los angeles has taken a key step towards landing the twenty twenty eight olympics with the city council signing off on hosting the games even before having a budget in place daniel carson reports of the city was rushing to meet the international olympic committee's august 18th deadline to sign the agreement the core contract requires the host cities to pay up if spending goes over budget the way it did in athens and rio de janeiro but la officials say the city already has stadiums and arenas ninetime goldmedal winner carl lewis sees the games intrinsic benefits the olympic games in just about a community in just about an event it's about a whole city that gives conspire to do things more than themselves corporate sponsorships ticket sales and other revenue sources are expected to pay for a big chunk of the costs that critics still say signing off in a multi billiondollar undertaking so far in advance his reckless the city doesn't know what it's economic circumstances will be eleven years from now for np pr news i'm daniel carson in pasadena california those years men's four by one hundred meter relay at the world athletics championships in london will likely be remembered for the way jamaican star you seen bolt was forced to end his career bold crumpled to the track with an injury to his left leg as he was chasing a final gold medal at metal ended up going to britain the us won silver at the pga championship the last major golf tournament of the.

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