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Now that New York lawmakers passed the state's first package of gun control bills in six years. The democratic leader of the state Senate is questioning an existing agreement. That weakens a previous gun law majority leader Andrea Stewart cousins says it's time to take another look at a deal struck for years ago between governor Cuomo and then Senate majority leader John Flanagan, the memo postponed action on a new provision requiring state police to track ammunition sales with Democrats now in charge of the Senate Steuer cousin says it's time to rethink that. It's been six years since. We've done anything. Clearly there are things to revisit. And I can't believe that the state circumstances has not changed at the time. State. Police said there were too many technical obstacles to create a database of ammunition purchases. Former new York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman us more than three hundred thousand dollars in campaign cash to pay a law firm representing him in a criminal investigation following allegations that he physically abused several women campaign finance reports reviewed by the Associated Press show that Schneiderman reelection committee began paying claiming and Rosberg LLP the week after his abrupt resignation in early may the candidates for the upcoming public advocate special election officially set. WNYC's bridge Bergen reports nearly two dozen candidates were vying to run for public advocate after the board's meeting. Five of those candidates were knocked off the ballot for various technicalities. Another candidate Brooklyn assemblywoman Latrice Walker sent a Representative who said she was suspending her campaign in sought to have her name. Removed the board refused because Walker didn't submit the paperwork in time. So her name stays on the ballot in a twist force by state election law all the names appear on ballots, Milton military voters overseas because they went out last Friday, but votes abounds candidates won't count. The election is Tuesday, February twenty six. Scattered snow showers possible later today with increasing clouds today, highs near thirty degrees, but it'll feel between five and fifteen with the wind is the winds gust up to fifty miles per hour..

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