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It you know well so really benefit from this service is even the nothing's really done. I'll county but they pay only fifty grand a scenic cruising Cochise pay nothing and they bend they get the services to so we get to subsidize in Pima county nice move we'll get to that second thing that I think you need to know is that. election officials here in Arizona plus Democrats including Gary Hobbs secular state. sing to have the okay first do college students use their school school ID. not to be used in to vote yes the school ID use as voter ID. illegal aliens get school ID. third thing that I think you needed to know. is was changing it yeah why not. is is still a big deal sixty seven percent of voters seats necessary for trump to fight China on trade is the Harvard Harris poll sixty seven percent fifty percent of Democrats in swing there are swing voters they also want trump to fight China on trade this is huge three things I think you need to media try to give it to the bad we're all going down right yeah right. yeah sure. yeah I know we're going to go down where downtown agenda them. can we say that I I what I sounds actually pretty gun a dozen good so carbon up after we're we're we're. so we are a man what is that through the carbs you don't need him you're not a man sometimes I do Ressam vegans when my wife is not looking I. so I put on Facebook because this is a big deal so we have a response now so as I relive VA is that ninety check that is a leading the sanctuary city moving here in Tucson. she also led the movement to have a restaurant close up shop because they were threatened with phone calls over and over in the couple of cafe that put on social media that was on Facebook that they support president trump they support standing for the pledge in the flag of the national anthem she had them aboard with phone calls to the shut down their business because of threats is a wacky do not job check zero live EA and then she put on Facebook after David coke died hell yeah party time. and then ice and she also wrote I'm getting a little tired of these criminal billionaires dying before you get the chance to publicly execute them and again she's on the club seaboard promote put there by. we got a supervisor sharing the driver Bronson. the driver. so today in about seven seven oh five this morning brought to you that one of the people to comment on site was ninety post about wanting to see billionaires publicly executed. is that you are a professor named Roberto was simply Rodriguez who apparently is a horrific professor who's all over the place but as a social justice for his rate my professor dot com students put that they went to that website to rate him they said he's on organized all over the place it's not teaching it's brainwashing. it's all this. any give no tests. you have you have three days to turn in a paper to take someone to get back from. so anyway this Roberto silly Rodriguez you of a professor commented I would pay to see their heads roll. so Ryan sent him an email this morning. I'd like to schedule for an interview on a radio show would like to address your comment about paying to see billionaires federal. and he responded back just a few minutes ago no thanks. thanks T. H. A. N. accent apparently students that he's very top on grammar which yeah. T. H. A. N. X. why is that but because it's you know it's what the Latin X. that's what they do L. A. T. I. N. X. really TNX. any rights no thanks paying to see billionaires heads roll is obviously humor pay per view question mark nothing else who needs an explanation on that's what's capitalism while he's against that is true. why should I pay. yeah. so who is apparently it's humor is it funny to you I'd pay to see their heads roll. I'm funny one eight so Ryan wrote back what would you write me was bay basically we actually have listeners. you haven't okay we actually like to see an explanation on this we have parents that send their children do you have a they're very upset if it's really just a joke when I come in and explain that. and I'm sure he won't see a guy like this real big tough guy he you know he abuses power he's a bully. is a bully. he gets in front of his class. rips into America. rain washes it's his way or the highway do you think there's no other view. use this power to tell them what he wants and not get interrupted. right. Hey and when we give him the forum because we call him out for this he's too chicken believed to come on the show. because he knows he's wrong they run a Twitter muscles these people are but this is what they do they bully a bully students they intimidate they do it because they have power over grades that's it that's it. and then when they are challenged it's like punching a bully in the nose they backed the hell up. I mean look you can come on the show Garrett your immediate man of course I'm joking about this I don't want to find. fine. we we as there is on the taxpayers pay this guy salary to be a lousy friggin professor to try to brainwash kids. this guy is what did it he's a poster child for everything that is wrong with college. what if there's nothing that he does it's gonna help you get a job we don't help you doesn't help you grow it does become jaded that's all it is jaded nothing else. eight eight zero can S. T. eight eight zero five six seven eight I'd want to get you that info that we try to put out there listen we also because there's gonna be another campus conversation when the stupid stupid stupid things right. and arm we talk about was a two weeks ago yeah usually we can it maybe we can half ago it was a week ago Tuesday. they have this what I could do check this far left this used to be legal immigrant apparently now she's legal. and I she's the head of a higher education something at a loyal university just a real social justice warrior right. and and she is apparently going to come here and speak it said according to Bob Robbins then led to me to present your base and that added a welcome email welcome back to staff students you name it. any talk of the campus conversation was a link I click on the link it brought to the campus conversation is that this lady was going to be. the the speaker October I believe sixteenth. not a whole panel just her and she's a far left is a maniac is what she is. so I eat I sent an email to Chris cigarettes and he is the you of a media guy like he's if the the press question anything he puts out statements and stuff like that and I can go to the body of the email copy your honor and I emailed him. and I this was last Tuesday Chris I saw that the university will have another campus conversation October sixteenth the guest is Aurora Chang. can you tell me who chose her out she was chosen how much she is charging for speaking engagement who's paying for it and you think it's easy to find that out too by the way because I mean Bob Robbins literally put that on his what's that and back to me then let me just. that information on is welcoming email back to the students and faculty. so he responded back that morning Chris in all fairness and he's like alright I'm gonna check I'll get back to you. week goes by yesterday afternoon I email him did you find anything it's now been a week I find it difficult to believe you can find information about who invited the speaker how much it costs news banger this subject was on Dr Robbins email to the entire faculty and students any row back to me. Garrett I'm waiting to hear how much it costs I'm told the contract hasn't been finalized. has been finalized she's already up there on the friggin website as soon as the guest. is the communications guy at the U. of a Chris W. Sigurd's it. so I'm trying to find out this stuff I'm doing my very best for you in L. yes so it is a lot of freaky stuff going on there that universities it it seems like it's going down I've been told by people on the inside it's actually getting better. I can't really explain how or why not just yet but apparently I'm. I mean to me and my me look at the craziness is going on there. and again I can't tell you enough about this this Roberto Rodriguez guy did it you know typical typical you know tool bag that has no problem pushing his beliefs on everyone else does wanna get challenged and then next thing you know. look at this he. he refuses to back up his claim it's a joke it's a joke what are you paying to see people's heads roll I was totally kidding and stuff. but you know what he would say is a serious thing where in a mag at. supporting trump maybe wanna trump twenty twenty teacher. school at this is it and maybe even was class yeah that's a serious thing right there you obviously are a bad person. that's what the that's what these people do. they're all tough guys. you get come with much more to metric Ole I have one coming back I have another fake new sound bite for you. getting into college stories got into that you know some court or thing too but this this this this is unbelievable this I have a a semi CNN a CNN host badgering. general Mattis general Mattis on a book tour now. the book what's their dying the media's dying to find out or dying to get out of him bad things about trump come on tell me tell me transfer more on come on come on come on tell me tell me stupid give me some dirt how dumb was he. they're bad you got to hear a CNN host a badgering him to try to get info. it's incredible it's coming up don't go anywhere nine fifteen back in three came as T. aim seven ninety two sons most emulating talk.

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