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Some would like you and i who gets a tell these remarkable stories of you know of uh of people in sports it's another example you get an incredible insight into the resourcefulness of parents the resilience of children and what sports and connecting with a favorite athlete her team can mean to someone who suffered through a a lifethreatening elmont of some kind jaylen sowell's story a little bit different than most the s p n element especially what did you think when the possibility of doing his wish first came out it was certainly a unique wish he wanted to have his story told by espn and not because he wanted to become famous or because he wanted the glory shown on him but as you just heard he wanted to tell his story so that other people who might be going through what he went through uh who had excelled at a sport and then found illness a taking at sport away from them that they might find the strength and inspiration and what his life was like and so from hearing his wish uh and then from checking at his social media and how positive an upbeat he clearly was on social media the things he wrote the way he tried to inspire people his attitude just got the feeling this was a really special young man and you know and and make a wish sent us a tape of him talking about the wish he wanted and what he'd gone through and from his family to his attitude to the way he expressed himself it was clear this was a unique guy with a great message to share uh and so we are excited for the opportunity to tell his message but we didn't just wanted to a story on him we wanted him to be a part of that story.

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