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But here we go so I did it yesterday. If you guys here boasts rattle compliment contests I'm bringing were going to be doing the full show on twitch so these are Nice roasts good compliments. Quick Jokes here. We Go Langston. Your mic is quiet according to the Internet. That's okay I'll I'll I'LL PEP it up. I can do something there. We go here. We go Julia Rasi. Julius so funny I went to a stand up clip of hers and the first comment wasn't not funny which is nearly impossible in comedy. Julius from Boston and I never once heard her mentioned Tom. Brady which seems like the highest compliment. I can give someone She's been on Conan Chelsea lately. Comedy Central. She want Motte Grand Slam. She's written for multiple networks. She's credible shows live and scripted. She's done so much she's like the Michael Jordan of Comedy I. She's good at everything but probably baseball. Okay here we go to for Langston Langston. Lincoln's voice is so soothing. He got chick-fil-a to open up on a Sunday. Yeah forget about God. Langston is so generous. If you play Goldeneye he'll let you be odd job. That one's very specific and for maybe nobody was smaller than everybody and it gave you an advantage. You're very kind. Thank you both for being here before we get into your script Langston we have a game here called ten rapid fire questions. And then maybe more rapid fire questions up to forty more times Could be fifty rapid fire questions so how it works. We have some questions. I'm going to ask you to learn a little bit about you. Julie has already played the game. So how it's GonNa work now. Is You will answer a question and Julia gets to rate your answer about yourself on a scale of one to ten allow so these are generally questions that have specific against about you. Julie will get the rate this on the scale of one to ten Please give me a number between one and twenty five five. Here go let me get. We got a little music plan. I wish said you guys can't hear it but trust me. It's music. Sure counts Langston. Have you ever fired a gun? I have not okay Julia. How do we feel about that ten? Yes if you could have any animal as a pet and it would be well behaved. What would you choose? I'm going. I'm going with the chimpanzee? Okay.

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