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The Jonas brothers will be there on Saturday men at are sold-out swang. Oh Tango, kiss. Hugh. Follow you. Bane, tattoo, and some of them. Circle. I'm. I'm sick of you. The dog. Tattoo some. Asuka fully. Full you. Kidding. Bane, and some. Silk. Succoth. One or two point seven. The real reason we have Monday off is, so we have time to tagger cells from pictures, whose yard is this, and why am I sleeping in it? Billy. Just. Jill. Don't do. Though is have been. Business. Please. But only on it goes, I want. Want to even never met. You would be. New music. As number one hit music station. One is seven. Eight people covered in sauce, while wearing a white t shirt, and I didn't spill any on the real MVP video at bislama Instagram man. Boy with kiss. F L. Shutout. Fan. Army guys go crazy on Twitter, every time we play that track and eleven boy would love it as kiss FM halls you on that as well. She'll be there at our sold out Wang. Oh, Tango, one week from today. More tickets in plus those pit passes coming your way later this afternoon dot com for details. And I gotta tell you this, Tuesday morning, make sure you set your alarm clock. Eight AM Seacrest has you Taylor swift being Greek passes coming your way?.

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