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Pike County, Ohio, right now, listen to the pectin massacre wherever you get your podcasts, wcbm lose time. 903 Good morning on Michael Philip Elliott, 6 80 Wcbm Maryland News Center With the headlines in the news this hour, the State Board of Elections expected to consider several proposals to consolidate some in person voting centers due to a shortage of election judges. Given Larry Hogan is warning the board against the wholesale closure of polling places, he cautioned that large scale consolidations could disenfranchise voters. He's urging the board to act with urgency by mailing out vote by mail applications and recruiting. Ction judges. Maryland's police reform work group held a virtual public meeting to discuss police reform and accountability. Some who addressed the panel called for mandatory de escalation, training for police, a repeal of the law enforcement officers bill of rights and creators, creating a civilian review board with the power to investigate and charge police. You will no longer need cash to go through Maryland tolls. All toll stations operated by the Maryland Transportation Authority are now cashless. Maryland drivers are being encouraged to obtain an easy pass for folks to pay. The lowest toll amounts a fatal hit and run accident. Last night, Around 10 on York Road between Lake and Walker Avenues near the City County line. Officers found the person lying on the road pronounced dead at the scene. Anyone who may have witnessed the accident Asked to call police and Maryland authorities say the baby girl delivered was in critical condition after her mother was fatally shot has died. Howard County Police say 30 year old rib eye Ahmed was 28 weeks pregnant when she was shot July 30 1st doctors were able to deliver the baby Girl Asia who was in critical condition until she passed away sports After this Arang attacks,.

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