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Rain and snow on the way to southeastern Michigan will have what you need to be prepared including traffic and weather together on the eight public hearings begin tomorrow in Washington as the impeachment inquiry into president trump will have the latest details straight ahead and also coming up for gets ready to show off an important new product I am all beat reporter Jeff Gilbert good evening I'm broke Allen for WWJ newsradio nine fifty also coming up this half hour we'll have sports at six forty five in a tough day for the Detroit Lions playing without Matt Stafford the lines come back came up short this afternoon in Chicago against the bears will have the complete update coming up at six forty five right now we do have rain reported that to treat city airport currently forty three degrees our low tonight near twenty nine WWJ news time six thirty one air from Siberia taking aim at much of the country and it could set record low temperatures from Texas to New England we're keeping an eye on that front which is expected to bring several inches of snow here overnight here's accu weather meteorologist Dave powers is gonna be something on the road here for the morning rush we're calling for twenty nine degrees so it is going to take a little salt here to keep things moving without bumping into one another and then three to perhaps five inches before tapers off here then tomorrow evening hi about thirty four degrees now in the wake of this a snow storm we've got there just extremely cold air pouring in meantime delta county road commission says they are getting ready to deploy their crews tomorrow to keep the streets as safe as possible but they do say it's a waiting game at this point your spokesperson Craig Bryson what Brian down right one thing we could do and it but right but the Rangers washed out roads that would be a waste so at this point we're really kind of just waiting and watching he says once the temperature drops your freezing they will begin salting the roads WWJ news time six thirty three we do have some big problem so new down this evening let's check in with your Graham and we're checking the Tripoli jam cams right now it is west bound I ninety four things are traffic tipster Frank was traveling through the area thank you so much Frank for the update I ninety four west brown as you're approaching that a twelve mile crash there is is between twelve mile.

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