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Conversation off the air talking about the Minnesota Vikings in two thousand eighteen but what is the Vikings identity here this season? I mean, obviously defense was huge force last couple of seasons nowadays. I mean, you're wondering if that magic number which used to be seventeen twenty points for the offense to put up we get a win. It might be forty five nine. Well, I know it's really bizarre to think of our team like that. But yeah, the identity is passing the football. And it's really hard to say that you look at both sides of the football even special teams. And what this team is known for. Traditionally is a win the trenches run the football. I know there's a time where they the football around a lot too. But it's been defense defense defense for so many years, and that's not the case. I mean, that's the reality for their at. So if you had to pick a an identity for this team, it's it's an open it up. It's a throw the football round. It's a little bit like college football in the big twelve where it says, we're gonna try to outscore you gonna play much effects on the other side. You got the eagles their ground game is pretty good one hundred eight carries four point four yards per carry five touchdowns rushing. And the biggest thing they have is time of possession. Number one in the league thirty four twelve average per game. Yeah, they're doing they're doing a pretty good job of controlling the football. But they've got some issues as well running. I mean, you look at both teams are not that dissimilar. Both running games are not the strength of their offense. The quarterback play. Least for them. It's been a little inconsistent with went back a lot of that has to do with some of the past protects the issues especially last week against Tennessee. Are passing game is actually a little more explosive than there. So I mean authencity they're not, you know, it's not like it's a it's a big contrast in styles. So yeah. If you control the clock here at their home place. That's obviously going to be major issues defense as little as our defense can be off the field. Obviously it's going to benefit them. Just. Kaufman's lies, but also distinct breasts. All right. Ben Lieber kickoff. Coming up here at three twenty five. Thanks, buddy. Appreciate it aren't always a pleasure about a funky. Ben levers gonna be a lot of fun to listen to hear as he had.

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