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Of air travel. I'm Jamie Dupri in Washington, with billions in aid running out and the Corona virus still causing travel troubles here today with a message of urgency. The airline industry wants another $25 billion from Congress, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. But if Congress can't come together, small communities will lose their service in 19,000, American Airlines. Aviation professionals will be furloughed, Jamie says. It's not clear of Congress will act on any extra airline relief. Atlanta based Delta's delaying decision on furloughs until at least November 1st intelligence officials believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is directing an operation to interfere in the presidential election. The Washington Post reports the CIA assess that Putin and other top Russian officials are behind efforts to disparage Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Their efforts are also meant to so public discord ahead of the November election. Ryan shook reports. Previous intelligence reports also warned of Russian interference. Four years ago, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg doles out more than $16 million to help Floridians with felony convictions vote. The money is going to a group called the Florida writes Restoration Coalition that helps former inmates payoff court finds which is needed for them to vote, Bloomberg vowed to spend $100 million to help Joe Biden win Florida the state's registration deadline's in two weeks. The Bulldogs are counting on a breakout. From their number one receiver When the season starts Saturday, Pickens freshman season was certainly a ride. Oh, hey left, it had brought that baby in. He had the record setting Sugar Bowl but also saw suspensions and ejections because of his temper. We need him to grow up faster. We need to lead Mohr and it sounds like the soft more is heard The call from Kirby Smart. I'm just focus on mostly the team name because I see now if your team bounded Pickens had more than 700 yards last year, and only one Yuji receivers ever top 2000. Take off Saturdays of four here on the home of the dog's J. Black 95.5 WSB WSB news time 7 49, WSB meteorologist Kirk Militia and his dependable five day forecast sponsored by Breda Pest management, They handle bugs and critters. Well, most of us stay dry again for today. Cool this morning, but my of this afternoon Then the leftovers of beta bring humidity up tomorrow through Sunday, and I have 21 inch of rain on average tomorrow through Friday, warm on the weekend, then much cooler by next Thursday. For today, Ron a NATO demolish meter high about 75 those night 59 61 tomorrow a 40% chance of a morning shower 60% afternoon 80% at night high 71 Low 64 On Friday. Mostly cloudy a 40% chance of a light shower high 78 low 65 My exclusive five day forecast for the weekend. A mix of sun and clouds astray afternoon thundershower possible but not likely highs. 81 lows 66 Recapping the forecast for today. Mostly cloudy to partly cloudy and a high around 75 yesterday was.

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