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This week in two thousand six can chesney has the number one country song with summer time at the box office three d movies started to make a big comeback and nascar was at the magic mile in new hampshire kyle busch survived the green white checker finish to win the lenox industrial pu three hundred asked about the second spot for the final time down the backstretch here at new hampshire hamlet to the inside edwards to the outside power by edwards what edwards has anything for kabul arl efforts goes two seconds to carlex behind kyle busch but not close enough kyle busch finally wins in two thousand six and those were just some of the events in this week in nascar history this weekend we're at new hampshire motor speedway and for a preview here's suzy armstrong thank you woody the monster energy nascar cup series teams head to new england this week for the foxwoods resort casino three a one at new hampshire motor speedway kentucky winner martin exterior strikes out for the flat mile with momentum on his side hoping to finally close the deal and take the checkers in the granite state over the years for i mean i've been there so long so i have a ton of history there and i've won the bush north races up their few times i've won one race there and this cup wins really been in may so it would be a big one too to win there we've been so close we've led a tunnel apps past i don't know three years or so and man we just haven't been able to to lead the last one hampshire top ten in the books austin dillon plans to be judicious with changes through practice sessions and bring home his best career finish in lobster country stained discipline and not worrying about the first practice you know the practices it's hard to not adjust your car to get faster but the track always changing the rovers laying down it gets tighter and tighter and you start off so free there so trying to keep up with the judgments is a big part of that and being smart about adjustments you make knowing that it's going to be different when you go to raise david reagan's exploits on the tough mile have not been all that fruitful over the years and the veterans still struggles to get a handle on the level corners there's not a lot of artificial grip at new hampshire when you drive one hundred sixty miles an hour into those corners you you have to use a lot of breaks and you don't have a lot to lean on and so really takes a lot of mechanical grip and it's easy to overslept attires so new hampshire is one of those tracks general you'll have one or two cars that really get hooked up and they dominate the race and everybody else is rice and hard for physicians degreen flies over the thoughts with resort casino three oh one new hampshire motor speedway sunday afternoon just after two pm eastern for this week's nascar live race preview i'm suzy armstrong okay thanks susie we're really looking forward to new hampshire motor speedway we also want to send our thanks to tony stewart ryan newman christopher bell and the guys that speedway for joining us on today's show mike bags back from special assignment next week until then thank you for joining us here on nascar live nascar live is a production of the motor

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