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And where they live if they live outside of alaska outside of their tribe service region. It may be that What they're seeing and their greatest tie is to their regional cooperation rather than their tried. And you don't have that as much in the lower forty eight and created artificial distinction between tried and call it Tribal member corporations. He and cheese I mean that was The wisdom of congress is they wanted to try a grand experiment with the exa corporations and From my perspective character are some great things within and said there are drawbacks. That we deal with but One of the great things about hang say is the revenue sharing It's natural resource revenue sharing and within the twelve regional corporations. You have Corporations that are in areas that are research resource rich corporations that are not as rich in terms of the resources and Seven i- revenue sharing requires caring of net revenues within those twelve regional corporations. So it's a situation of a rising tide lifting all boats and i know in tough times some other. Regional corporations have really been dependent upon that revenue-sharing. Thank you and thank you for teaching us about anka and why it's important to be a shareholder going up of proud to be a sealaska and she had shareholder aaron. What are what's the easiest way for someone outside of alaska to learn about anka and regional corporations and what do you think are some of the benefits of the regional cooperation shareholder system. Where else almost about the end of shows you about a minute. Yeah there are lots of online resources if you go to. The regional association has links to each of the twelve regional corporations and on each of our websites. There's just a ton of information. Most of us have educational foundations as well that you can find those various links. Have lots cultural another information's there in the in the technological world we live in. There's just an opportunity to learn a lot from your own computer or laptop And we think that's a really important tool for us as we talked about throughout the show keeping our identity and culture goal in as we mature in this world and move around hopefully keep our ties to our home country. Thank you erin. Spend a pleasure having you on the show today for audience as we touched on today. Tribal identity is. This is important to the indigenous people of alaska as it is to those in the rest of north america and across the globe. The differences alaska has an act of congress. Now fifty years old that sets the unique parameters of that identity. It's not easy to get a detailed picture of that in just one hour from yesterday's show that definition identity as headlines this past year when it came to distribute federal pandemic relief money and hopefully today and yesterday's show provide some context for that discussion. I wanna thank our guest today for a fascinating and illuminating discussion. Mr aaron shut. Mr cameron. Poindexter mr willy casually and my father tate london. We're back with another live. Show tomorrow where we welcome. The organizers of a set of jigsaw puzzles that showcase native artists thinks realistic native america calling. Today i'm melissa. London have a great day.

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