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Phelps carrier dealer near you. Visit no pay carrier dot com. It's three forty two and recovery centers of America. Brings us traffic and weather on the twos. Let's get back out on the roads with Brian, Ramona, and the volume picking up the if you're heading back from the shore, the Parkway, northbound around ocean city, thank you better than it was, but really heavy on forty-seven heading into Dennis film. The southern shore points for forty seven hundred forty seven in Morris river and then heavy getting on fifty five. The expressway westbound delays in the toll plaza, then generally slow from approaching seventy three up onto forty two northbound than continuing past fifty five. You decided to go back rose, three twenty two Mollica hill is tough to but heading over the bridge is not too bad. Little delay. If he end the Commodore Barry bridge, because ninety five northbound is slow from the Delaware state line past the bridge. Southbound on ninety five heavy near the blue route now Blue Ridge, north slow from that point up to route one southbound delays of route one and then jammed on the ramp to ninety five south on the Schuylkill expressway getting heavy now. Westbound between Paseo the vine expressway slow again from Gerardo to Gladwin. And then delays again from four. Somebody. Six out to two eastbound heavy to to slow at conshohocken and slogan city avenue. Divine jam both ways river to river. They also have four twenty two east still jamming between San Antonio Santa toga, and Limerick, all due to construction in the right lane when it comes to addiction treatment and matters where you go of active treatment requires specialized care recovery centers of America. Devon specializes in treatment for drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Call today, one eight hundred recovery in the cabinet of twenty four hour traffic center, I'm Brian Ramona. Thank you so much, Brian. And now it's time for the eyewitness weather forecast sponsored by Nolan painting with CVS threes. Chelsea Ingram showers and storms will be developing tonight. Mainly scattered.

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