Susan Page, Mike Pence, Barack Obama discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


Boston's news radio one other thing just by way of introduction, the debate moderator will be a woman named Susan Page. She's a 69 years old. She is a veteran. A longtime member of the Washington Press Corps. She was the Washington She is the Washington bureau chief for Yusa. Today on DH. She has According to an article that I'm reading out of The New York Post, has interviewed the past nine presidents, including three after they left office. I've interviewed a lot of those same presidents Ford Carter, Reagan Bush one, Clinton Push two. Yeah, Obama s so So anyway, she's she's a graduate Northwestern master's degree from Columbia University. And I think from what I've read about her that she will do a good job that she is not someone who wears her politics. On her sleeve. Let's go to the phones. I want to see what all of you think. 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 1930. What are you looking for? Tonight and Do you think we're operating the importance of this debate? Okay, Uh, I don't think you can overrate the importance of this one because of the circumstances I outlined earlier. Steve is in Cambridge. Hey, Steve. Welcome. Next time the ring Central nights I called before tonight's Save What? I'm hoping Is that Mike Pence will make Americans realize that this debate is not about Mike Pence in Kamala Harris or Uh, Joe Biden or Donald Trump. But it's if they know if Americans.

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