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In its second incarnation has never had as a non browns fan but if i'm a browns fan jimmy the safety give me the stability give me garlic parmesan let somebody else eat the blazin hot it's going to get weird this morning i'm operating on very little sleep mauger in for my colleague gender this is first and last on espn radio and the espn app but the way the browns were busy early last night here's roger goodell with cleveland's second pick in the first round pick in the two thousand eighteen nfl draft the cleveland browns select denzel ward stay interesting pick you know a lot of us thought it was it was going to be bradley chubb from nc state who fell to the broncos this is one of those i get i would've taken charge because i think you could you could appear at him with myles garrett emmanuel bah you would have had one of the most dynamic pass rushing trios in the nfl at the same time everybody seemed to think the denzel ward despite being inexperienced only was a one year starter in college the consensus was he was the best corner that's a division you have antonio brown you have aj green you've got the ravens kind of doubling down on receivers i don't think any of them are great but but still you gotta be able to slow down some of those guys i get the pick i understand it i would have been interested in seeing what the browns could have done to maybe trade down to get mike mcglinchey the tackle from notre dame because they did lose their best player joe thomas this off season but it's hard to really have any qualms with what they did with the fourth overall pick and i'm not gonna really argue with what they did with the number one pick i just if i'm a browns fan i'm thinking safety i and i'm not talking about the position on defense first and last on espn radio and the espn app espn radio is presented by progressive home insurance getting a quote is easier than ever coming up according to one player nine teams made.