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New uh david ortiz and manny ramirez you know wherever you want to throw out there that's what it is in california frank our you what's up a longtime bad man going good frank good quick question we got to the fell jack firing um you bring european do you think jim nolan knew exactly what was going to happen before the trap nikki did he is going to cancel the tango why not yet why not you want out and get back to the going question is that what you're saying i don't think they i don't think the decision is five phil happened until after the draft i i really don't i don't think james dolan knows whom elite monkeys probably not like think of that he does and the by the way that's not even like a negative thing basketball guy so you and him next to sit that in the reaction you guys would have you been of you agree with the move is james dolan walked into the room and solicit all you basketball x spurred style thing things monk right want i think it was accumulation of things that again i think the whatever was there was a maybe was him fall asleep at that at that work outfit at a name college player i don't know maybe was that we eleven though i think it was accumulation of things may be mellow as i mentioned before maybe melo winner and talk also on and said look i don't want outta here you know if you need i how about this and and maybe he was at the mouth say wait a minute now you know maybe maybe i do have to get fill out of here he's alienated mel always alienating poisoning is the fan bases all against them y'all people don't want to come and play you because if phil jackson maybe i want to get rid of a very maybe he's gotta go frank go in danbury franco how you.

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