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In the meantime, let's get a check of WGN news. Here's Dave, Sean. We have cloudy skies twenty nine at O'Hare, Illinois state trooper Chris Lambert was heading home yesterday when he spotted a three car accident on the tristate northbound near willow, he pulled off onto the left shoulder and went to work, but that is one another car headache. Moore's hit him he died. Several hours later, Illinois state police director, Leo Schmitz, says there's a law we should all pay attention to you know, there's a pullover Kim room when you see the troopers UCLA police cars, we'll get around him. It helps trooper Lambert was thirty four years old and leaves behind a wife and a one year old baby daughter, the head pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in east Lakeview neighborhood has been asked to step aside from the ministry after the archdiocese of Chicago received a sex abuse allegation. We have more from WGN's, David Jennings. The allegation was received by the archdiocese office for child abuse investigations in review the alleged abuse took place. Nineteen Seventy-nine when Lee was assigned to Saint Christopher's admit Lowthian letter from cardinal super-rich about the allegations was read Saturday barrage of all the churches where Lee has served and it's expected to be read again during Sunday services, David Jennings. WGN news, the snow we received yesterday in the Chicago area wasn't as much as other places in Illinois and the mid west Springfield, for instance, received at least a foot of snow, and there was more than that in places in central Missouri. The storm now hitting the mid Atlantic states in Washington DC, leaving one hundred and seventy one people one hundred seventy one thousand people I should say without power. And an investigation is underway. After a head on crash between a Chicago snow plow and an SUV happened last night near the intersection of clyborn, George the drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital. A new ABC news Washington Post poll reveals who's being blamed for the. Situation between President Trump and the and the Democrats fifty three percent say President Trump and Republicans are mainly responsible for the government shutdown twenty nine percents. A Democrats are to blame. Most Americans oppose declaring a national emergency fund the border wall and a person is in Bonn court today for aid for charged in the accident that killed a twenty three month old child last week..

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