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The instincts of John Roberts who rose in Washington as he served Republican administrations have always rested with the right wing. But now he's much more in a position to be torn between his ideological instincts in his very real institutional concerns about the third branch in particular about the supreme court. Hi, and welcome back to amicus slates podcast about the supreme court and the law and the rule of law and the rule of law and the Trump era I'm with week. I covered those things for slate. And hey, it's twenty nineteen and the government is partially shut down. But the courts remain open actually, with the exception of the immigration courts, which have already delayed most of their hearings. Ironically, contributing to the already massive backlog of delayed immigration cases, which is the thing. We're fighting about immigration now, we're seeing cases that are going to be rescheduled. In the thousands new cases will be delayed twenty nineteen your couple days in and your name already is Ernie twenty nineteen also opened with chief Justice John Roberts and his annual New Year's state of the judiciary report it always sneaks in with the new year. This year was almost more notable for what it did not say it certainly did not talk about. Donald Trump, and it did not explicitly say a lot about the thing it addressed which was sexual misconduct in the article three courts. Indeed chief Justice Roberts who is determined to keep the court out of the public eye in these roiling and very dramatic months post. Brad Kavanagh is actually quickly becoming the most interesting member of the high court for what he doesn't say. So we've now seen him in the last few months with a series of votes to Batta way big cases intervening in a sealed secret conflict that's coming out of the molar probe. Who is John Roberts? Is he evolving into a centrist is he taking on Trump himself in his own twinkly eyed, understated way, how did this balls and strikes guy? Become the most intriguing understated man in America next to. To the other intriguing. Understated men in America, we like to call Bob Muller. Nobody has watched John Roberts more carefully in recent years than Joan biskupic. She covers the court for CNN and her new book the chief the life and turbulent times of chief Justice John Roberts will come out. This March Joan has been covering the supreme court for over twenty five years. She's written seminal biographies of several of the justices. She is a legal analyst for CNN and one of my dear friends and colleagues at the supreme court. Joan welcome back to advocate. Thank you. Dahlia so Joan as I just noted in his state of the judiciary speech on Monday. The chief Justice quite determined -ly addressed and didn't address reports of sexual harassment in the judiciary. This is an issue. He raised really forcefully in his speech last year. He seems to be accepting the findings of working group that he convened to analyze the. Problem. He says, I agree. There's more than one or two I selected incidents. I agree. This is not just about law clerks. But then he seems to kind of downplay the larger problem in the judiciary you reported on this extensively last year the number of complaints about judges. And in fact, he said some of the worst conduct was quote, incivility or disrespect. He did ask the working group to stay on task to keep looking at this. But is he affect just telling us all it's time to move on. You picked up on exactly what I picked up on Dalia the idea that he minimized the kind of harassment or employee abuse that takes place in the nation's courthouses using the word incivility disrespect does tend to minimize what might be going on. So I thought that was notable. I also thought it was notable that he stressed how what happens in the federal judiciary compares. Favorably to other government and private sector workplaces..

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