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Where a mask. Order wear gloves. Where leather and chains reminds me of that time i accidentally walked into an sem convention. Back still hurts with speaking back. Fade back to former. Qb sean salisbury. On sports talk seven ninety. Get middle on them. I've been going all in on the medieval been middle east medieval on this trade talk and it's exhausting. But we'll have steve pal. All with his expertise cleared up a little. Bit knows this position and football as well as anybody. Senior analyst pro football focus joins us as he does every week here on sports. Talk seven hundred. All right steve. Tell me how far back you'd set this franchise if you traded to shawn watson man. I'm sorry this is what has to be discussed right now. It's unbelievable yes. Yeah you spend years looking for this guy you know look at the miami. Dolphins have spent twenty years. Look at dan marino the the patriots might never be good again and so they can somebody. That's you know close to tom brady. So yeah it's a it's a big deal finding this guy you know. Finding the guy that's gonna lead your franchise would watch it and especially. How much did we talk about how much he had improved this year and the steps that he had taken i mean he's probably the second best commodity in the entire league behind. Patrick mahomes the second most valuable player that you would start a franchise with going forward so it's a big deal If he does get traded. I mean you have to be talking. S- three ones and multiple tattoos. They got a minimum And you would like to get even more than that so And even if you do if one of those one doesn't become an above average quarterback. It almost doesn't matter that trade knocking to be even So yeah it's a tough situation to be in unless they can resolve things internal steve. You and i and if we were talking before this and we didn't because i've said the same thing i said if mahomes was here and watson was in kansas city kan city would still be the one seed and the texans would have been foreign twelve. I are five and eleven. At best. I i believe they're the steetch. Have different skills. That the other doesn't and to start a franchise. Both of them you start one two and the rest come into play these two so with that in mind. I'm going to play. I'm gonna play a guy who's calling you a the gm for a second. 'cause i brought this up in san francisco yesterday okay. I'm calling you. I'm john lynch and your mcnair. Nicotera say i'm gonna give you three ones jimmy garoppolo a number. Two and nick bozo. Are you making trade..

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