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Welcome back listeners i'm marie de franco on weekend live i'm your host and we are talking about the caravan that was of of migrants that was marching from central america coming up to mexico and hopefully to land on our borders and that was about a thousand migrants and mexico stop them that is what the most recent media report has been and i'm talking about strong borders and strong protection for america we're going to go straight to the phones and talk to luchino in pennsylvania luchino you're on the air mis mis i i really appreciate you each on every sunday and i'm a little nervous because i'm gonna disagree with you leave it or not in spanish tv spanish newspapers they are heading towards united states border the mexican government is supplying the buses there they disbanded them but they're still continuing on the road there and puebla now a small town the city they're going through tijuana the mexican government is not interrupting the flow there's a thousand plus a central america mostly hunters yes but no mexican government it's not stopping them i have two questions for you i just wanna break in no need to be nervous you have facts you know continued the news continues to evolve so any you know that's that's what i that's why i said allegedly the media was reporting so thank you for that just one of the biggest lie being perpetrated to the american people question has an immigration lawyer can you tell me i heard on c span this afternoon that that donald trump is good to put a stop to a horrible thing called a catch and release that obama perpetrated on the american people i can't assess the veracity of that because i'm not certain that he is going to do that but catching releases at somewhat it's do you want me to explain what that means catchandrelease obama used to do with if they catch him and then they they tell them to.

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