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I'm Sabrina cubit live at the WSB twenty four hour news desk. Just our just after the opening bell this morning. The Dow plunged more than four hundred points, this is because of global market turmoil. After major declines in Europe and Asia right now, the WSB market watch shows the Dow down nearly five hundred points at four hundred sixty seven that's down about one and a half percent more than one and a half percent at twenty four thousand eight hundred forty nine NASDAQ also down one hundred seventy nine the P is off fifty six we'll continue to watch the markets throughout the day and bring you the WSB market update. We have fifty five degrees on Peachtree street. A mix of clouds and sun today afternoon. Highs around seventy channel two meteorite latest Brad Nitz will have Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast coming up Georgia lawmakers will return to Atlanta for a rare special session due to the devastation from hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal is making the call because of the severe financial impact of the monster storm. He says the budget will need to be amended to cover the cleanup costs which could reach. Each one hundred million dollars. It includes debris removal and overtime. Local government workers who put in long hours after the storm NWS's Bill Caiaccio reports. A special session begins November thirteenth and could go five days. Governor Nathan deal ordering flags at half staff to honor Gwinnett officer Antoin Tony killed in the line of duty. His funeral is tomorrow at twelve stone church and Lawrenceville after visitation today at cruel brother's funeral home in Peachtree corners. And as we reported earlier police fatally shot his accused killer, Monday and a confrontation of Hewitt road. And this just in its new at ten thirty Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the supreme court says that she has the beginning stages of dementia and probably Alzheimer's disease. She made the announcement in a letter today, she said that her diagnosis was made some time ago, and that her condition has progressed. She is no longer able to participate in public life. O'connor who is eighty eight years old was nominated by president Ronald Reagan and took her seat on the court in nine hundred eighty one she announced her retirement back in two thousand five this is also new at ten thirty a former Woodstock high school chorus teacher. Facing sex charges. Ryan mckendrick was arrested over the weekend on charges of sexual battery against a child under the age of sixteen sexual assault by teacher also tampering with evidence as well as four counts related to distributing or promoting obscene materials of minors. He is the third metro Atlanta teacher to be accused of sexual misconduct involving a child in the last month. The Vatican is laying the groundwork to open formal debate on an issue that has long been taboo, opening up the priesthood to married men in parts of the world where clergy are scarce. Pope Francis has convened a meeting of South American bishops for next year and in WSB sports, Atlanta United announcing manager Tom Martino will resign at the end of the season. He's reportedly headed to coach the Mexican national team the five stripes are on the verge of winning the supporters shield at earning the top seed in the MLS playoffs which start next week. WBZ news time ten thirty three tomorrow.

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