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If you want to reach out as well you can get me on twitter facebook instagram at e w Ericsson I WANNA break this down for you. With what actually happened. And then we'll get into the analysis Who was this person if you're just waking up to the news this morning General Qassim Sulejmani is dead? He is the leader of the coulds forces in Iran I I have been on the phone for sometime after five o'clock this morning Getting background briefings on this stuff One of the most annoying things in the modern world is that's how everyone immediately becomes an expert on anything that's happened and you go on social media. Everyone pontificates and claims that they are an expert. I wanted to actually talk to the real experts instead of getting minute off. Twitter this morning So I did and thank you very much to the trump administration made a lot of people available to make this happen Let me just set the stage for you. This happen enduring Anderson Cooper show last night on. CNN okay Getting some word right now go ahead. This is a statement from the Pentagon and I'm just reading too as I'm hearing. Hiring is the direction of the president of the. US military has taken decisive defensive action to protect US personnel abroad by killing Qasem. Selemani goes onto say ED SELEMANI was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. That's the end of the statement. Sorry what's is being raped me as a statement goes on. But that's the bulk of the statement. So Dexter would he make them. Well I you know. I haven't seen the intelligence but actively making gene plots to kind of undermine American interests or to attack American soldiers or or diplomats. I mean. That's you know that's another day at the office. What he does what he does what? He did Now I WANNA put this into further perspective for you because there's a Reuters report from one forty three. PM Yesterday the headline is Pentagon chief That is US secretary convince Mark Esperer says. US Signs Iran our allies may be planning more attacks again. This happened yesterday afternoon before Sulamani was killed. US US Defense Secretary Mark S. I said on Thursday there were indications Iran or forces it backs maybe planning additional attacks warning that the game has changed and it was possible the United States might have to take preemptive action to protect American lives hint hint. There are some indications out there that they may be planning additional tax. That is nothing new. We've seen this for two or three months now. If that happens then we will act and by the way if we get word of attacks or some type indication we will make preemptive action as well to protect American forces to protect American lives iranian-backed demonstrators who Iraq's at the US embassy in two days of protests withdrew on Wednesday after Washington dispatched extra troops. They had tried to storm dorm. The embassy in Iraq and it was amazing to see democratic. Partisans appointed their finger at the president. Saying this is your Ghazi. Will I thought nothing. Bad happened at Benghazi and yet now suddenly it's become bad in the Democrats are saying it didn't exactly turn out like Benghazi. The president said extra troops. Well then later in the day comes word that Cassim Selemani has been killed along with another number. People appears to be a drone attack near the Baghdad airport. What is not clear is whether or not this was an actual Americans or the Israelis than we cooperated with it and the president blessed it? We don't really know it seems more more overnight than by the way the administration Australia is not going into full detail here with what happened And the fact Jamie DuPrey From Washington DC IN DC bureau just texted me and said that they put put a news lid on the White House into one forty five PM. That means there will be no news coming out of the White House now. If the president has his phone in tweets of course there could be but otherwise there will be no news. Coming out of the White House The tweet from the president last night was an American flag. Now you need to understand why this is such a big deal and we need to look at the political dynamics hammocks of this There are a couple of easy predictions we can make. I've got those up at the resurgent Dot Com right now. If you want to go see him I will be sitting out alerts throughout the day on this as the things develop. If you want those text the word show two three three seven seven seven Qassim Sulamani is a bad guy. What you heard the clip from CNN? What he does for a living is he organizes terror around the world? He's the head of the coulds. Force was the head of the goods force in Iran. If you don't understand what that is take the CIA and combine it with the Navy Seals. That's the cuts force that they are special forces and they're the Iranian intelligence network network. They operate all over the world. Just a couple of years ago. They attempted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States by blowing up a restaurant in Washington. DC NOW EH. For all the the the fearsome data about the goods and how they operate the further away they get from around the more incompetent. They are take this attack on the Saudi Ambassador Asir in Washington. DC A couple of years ago. The plan was to blow up a restaurant in Washington. DC where in the Saudi ambassador regularly eight The Iranian coulds Ed's force reached out to operatives with a Mexican drug cartel. We're willing to pay the members of the Mexican drug cartel to blow up the Saudi. The ambassador now pay attention there. Yes the Mexican drug cartel operating south of the border coming across the border. Yes The border security already issue is impacted by Iran. They know it is a weakness even if the Democrats don't want to admit it There have been people who have come across the border from foreign countries in the past There have have been people within the American intelligence community who suspect Iran sees that as a point of weakness Hush theory So what happened was they reached out to the Mexican drug cartel Hartell and it turns out the Mexican drug cartel. We're actually department of Drug Enforcement Agency informants they informed the DA who informed the FBI who informed the CIA who disappeared the Mexican drug cartel people. Actually they were arrested. They weren't really disappeared but it was an incompetent effort by run but they tried to perform a terrorist attack back in Washington. DC LET me back up even further. Let's go in the weight back machine. My family moved to buy one thousand nine hundred eighty we move back to the United States in nineteen ninety. We were there for the height of the Iran Iraq war. Our school was a few blocks from the beach. It was several stories high. And you could stand at the height of the Iran Iraq war nineteen eighty-eight. You could stand at our top floor. Was Miss von Break Ins classroom. She was the fine arts teacher and you could see the smoke on the horizon. You could hear. The explosions is the Iranians decided towards the end of the Iran Iraq war to begin blowing up American oil platforms. My Dad's was one of the oil platforms the Iranians targeted luckily glee. He was able to evacuate in the American navy intervene just in time. He's got an incredible picture of one of the. US warships right right outside his platform window. Protecting his is Oil Platform others however were not so lucky. They tried to kill my dad. The Iranians did now. They tried to kill my family we would have to go to school and to go through security checkpoints American kids even those in in Schools where there's a lot of gun violence. You don't appreciate this. I would go to school in Dubai in the nineteen eighties and literally. Police officers would greet us at a security checkpoint and they would open our sandwiches to see if we had explosives. They would unwrap our sandwiches. They would open our lunchboxes they would search our schoolbags to make sure are we weren't we weren't assassins for Ron or Iran. Hatton heddon secretly planted something on us. We've we've been dealing with this Iranian situation for decades. This is not something new. There have been a series of hijackings and bombings around the world. The cuts forces since the Iranian Revolution in the nineteen seventies did One of my best friends growing up his name was Amir Amiri. His grandfather was one of the top guards for the Shah of Iran. His family had to flee over the northern mountains in Iran to get out of the country when the Shaw fell and his family lived in a secure apartment in the Hyatt regency in in Dan do by. The Iranians have been systematically going around the world trying to assassinate those tied to the Shah's regime and opposition parties for a long time. It has escalated into the nineteen nineties. after the Iran Iraq war with many of the veterans from Iran repatriated to Iran and had unique military skills. They were battle. Oh hardened one of those. People was Qassim Zola money. Who is a diehard believer in the Iranian revolution? He deeply believes in Islam he deeply believes in Shiite V8 versions of Islam and he deeply believes that Iran needs to help bring about the apocalypse. He actually does believe these things. These been very open in the past about believing these things thinks. He believes that Iranian Shiite Islam is the path towards bringing the Mati the Essentially bringing Jesus you know Islam does have a Jesus belief And he's a bad dude And we have taken him out now. The reason we have taken him out is because because he was escalating attacks on American diplomats in Iraq we know for example. The Kurds force was involved in the storming of the embassy in Baghdad. This past week. We have video surveillance that shows that The Iranian cuts forces were there operatives. Were in the crowd. Some of them were even going so far to wear their uniform. Warm in the crowd Showing that they were involved in this and they were willing to participate and willing to encourage the activists in the crowd. How this was not a mourners? As I described by some members of the American media those on the ground in Iraq it was not mourners. It was an actually organized attack by the Iranian cuts forces led by Qassim Sulejmani. According to my Casper I read you the report from Reuters at one o'clock yesterday that we have intelligence showing that they we are about to escalate attacks on American forces. Killing Sulaimaniyah actually throws the Iranians author game. And this is something I've been told repeatedly this morning is he is the most trusted loyal lieutenant in Iran as as one person put it to me. Think of kill if you WANNA put in perspective. An American correlation to killing Cassim Sulejmani think of someone killing the vice president of the United States because that essentially says position yes. Iran has a president and domestic policy in Iran the president Tehran Iran's near supreme but when it comes to foreign policy led by Iran CASSISA LEMANI is the man who directs Iranian Foreign Policy Z.. In fact he had an exchange with general portray a few years ago who was Blasting the Iranian Ambassador Situation Baronne and CASSIM Sulamani. Actually you send a message to address saying that. The ambassador to Baghdad were not to to Bahrain was a could member if they were if that person was killed or removed moved then he thereafter would replace him with they could force US person so the goods forces are the ambassadors they are the the loyal lieutenants on the ground. They are the Iranians who took over the situation in Syria to help Bashar Al Assad boss Rl Assad in Syria Syria was losing to the Kurdish American forces. Iran came in and they wrote across the northern part of Iraq. Interestingly enough the Kurds in northern Iraq blocked their a passage and they had to kill enough of them and pay enough of them off to be able to get to Syria..

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