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Most part time now twelve thirty back with you now in the take away I'm tens innovator and I've been speaking about how politicians are trying to connect with Latino voters ahead of the twenty twenty election with Jonathan Jay's green national director of let next out reach for the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign so Jonathan polling suggests that when it comes to support among Latino voters Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders two white guys are beating Elizabeth Warren what does that tell you so this is center a little points first presidential campaign so I think I so I'm thinking about how we're introducing her to our people actually like what I've loved is that every time I talk to that the no I next people about centerless with warned her record and her policy plants they love her so I think of my job is making sure and all of our jobs really is not just on me it's on the entire team to make sure that we're introducing several weren't working unities and again because of the wounds that we've had before a takes a while to establish trust and that's why we're so focused on doing that when you say wounds what do you mean I mean I think there's many many ways in which people have felt like percent honest rations campaigns have taken our communities for granted I like I I I were not blind to that fact right and I know that you know beans in the wind like being someone who was not you know was not I love being that you know so they there's a lot of that is that was interesting is that occur and I think that people need to know who are listening to this interview that center one is is committed to one that you'd be establishing trust but also the accountability there's been many examples where in this campaign trail like you know we've put out planted every time we put on a plan we talked to communities before your old out of for example maybe a month or so ago I we put their prior to my mental justice plan and that was really important for us to do this we talked about the green deal which is super important where all of their but also we have to be realistic and talk about the fact that often times with communities of color that have borne the brunt right out of the requirement to injustice as to how do we center people of color Latinos black people communities of color in that fight right so I think to be able to talk even talk to them about ten to them about like what do they want to see you know there's so many once about like being taken for granted I think that's that let me know so in so many ways unfortunately when it comes to the political P. says only comes of people from the outside so I think that's one of the things that were also keeping in mind a word that's come up in political campaigns is his span during just things that feel very deliberately heavy handed yeah how do you avoid his spam during to this community I think it's less about its Pandari more about like just actually just being able to connect because people understand that the odds of have been stacked against them they understand that we need big structural change trade and she not only talks about like yes with the tax the wealthy and you know how to make him pay their fair share right but then she also talks about what can we do once we actually have a tax code that better reflects our values and that means investing in public schools investing in childcare so when we talk about the issues that people really care about in a way that's accessible in a way that we get an accessible my means management might actually there's a lot of communities that you know most of our communities bilingual and it'll actually quite a lot of folks who don't speak Spanish hi Natalie on Castro exactly so that I think that why he really helps is sort of bring it all together right there and like he breeding and if you saw the crowd last night did you know just like so many I was working the selfie line with Hammond center warning everything at every time I keep hearing like someone come up to them just like thanking him and her for being together people keep mentioning thirteen twenty five look at mentioning like the incredible things that he's done and I think you know her message was the same if he's if he heard it last night she talked about corruption how we're gonna you know level the playing field for working people she talked about a taxing you know either the wall tax you talked about the same things that that affect everyone parade and like that's how we're able.

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