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Know in large Cuban American populations of them as you would like New Jersey for example you might probably have a lot of great one of California's got a large American population to Texas Texas right North Carolina right little pockets in Georgia it's crazy that humans are everywhere you can there are terrific really wonderful again they're all over South Florida so with fifteen locations to know was whether to or that you were going to open so we'll have one in palmetto bay and one in Hollywood sure about this one in Miramar well I work for that's good I'm glad we need a lot of Miami beach if you would please get when they're not because they are so I can get there in the gable end university Miami Miami gardens so that's close by to just wonderful color I. Facebook go to Vicky enterprises Twitter Vicky bakery in Instagram Vicky bakery as well I think if you want to order and send these wonderful bus leaders to to people across the country just go to Vicky bakery dot com Vicky bakery dot com now how much notice do they need when they're ordering forget that they want for specific dates there is a cut off time it depends on the day of the week for example I think Friday we cut off a little earlier so we we should we should monitor Thursday because we don't want the seller of the product stuff in the truck right sitting somewhere else right first of all these these things so taking that into consideration cut off is by one o'clock every day and yeah we actually moved up to well one day shipping routes to the city nice what we want to make sure everything's up yeah if you look closely because if you haven't.

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