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Delays reported to us downtown. Is okay right now in the lower deck, and no incidents reported along the expressway ramp Hackler WBZ is traffic on the three and now the four day WBZ active weather forecast with mad bends for today, rain likely through this morning and mid day watch out. Some of this could be on the heavy side and that could lead to some flooding on area roads and in poor drainage areas. Otherwise will become or passing showers. For this afternoon and evening. It will be windy for today with a high near 50 degrees still blustery for tonight rather cloudy, low 34 tomorrow, clouds and sunshine with a gusty, chilly wind high of 44 degrees, but factor in those winds accurate, the real feel tempted to be in the twenties and lower thirties. Monday. Brisk wisdom son High of 43 for Tuesday Trending cooler, Partly sunny high 38 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist. Map ends WBZ Boston's news radio Some of the heaviest rain right now in the Fitchburg Lemon store area south to Marlborough and Worcester. Right now. In Fitchburg. It is 39 degrees. Heavy rain in Ipswich right now, where it is 43 degrees down to the south. It's coming down hard, but not as hard. But it looks like there is a big swath of rain heading. Toward the South coast. Right now, down on the cape. It is 47 degrees in the arm with and here in Boston right now, with heavy rains, 6 55, and we're at 41 degrees. On the ring Central News line. Here's Our New England weekend. This is Jordan with the WBC New England weekend. We're starting a short syriza with Todd Plumber Travel reporter for Boston magazine in the January issue. Todd is coming up with some amazing vacation destinations. Assumption being that sooner or later will be able to move around more freely with fewer restrictions. Todd tell us more every year.

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