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51283605 90. Market. Melinda on news radio K O B. J If you're seeing those for sale signs around your part of Austin, and you're getting the edge to sell your home and what should team up with Christopher Waters. He is the bastard is the only agent I would trust to sell my home. He has the premier marketing system. It's designed to create a frenzy around your home a bidding war. In fact, Chris guarantees multiple offers within three days on your home or Chris Waters will sell your home for free. Here's what I'm talking about Katie and Brady. In North Austin. They tried listing for sale by owner that failed. Then they went with the discount broker that failed again. That's two strikes. But then they got smart, and they teamed up with Christopher Waters. After two days of being on the market. Katie and Brady ended up with 15 offers, and they accepted an offer of $101,000 over the list. Price. 101 grand over the list. Price call Christopher Waters Right now there's no long term contract. You'll love the great service you get 512. 649 4000 or go to Christopher Water's calm. That's waters with two teas and you better start packing. This is Nolan Ran your home is more than just a home. It's your workplace. It's your school room for your kids, Even your favorite restaurant. Most of all, it's a center your daily life, making this comfortable with possible American standard heating and air condition for over 130 years. American Standard is a Texas go to for home comfort. It's the right choice for today's new world. Peace of mind matters more than it ever has before comfort the way you like it, American standing there dot com. Hey, this is Don prayer with me. Here's.

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