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Win they're very similar to that game over in philadelphia where you're down to run in the ninth and you get a two run double to win that ball game a home run for the raise wilson ramos who should be headed to dc he's having a great season there in tampa bay as starting catcher he's leading the al in catcher for aol catchers in votes for the all star game he said that he and his ninth home run of the year off of garrett cole the astros amirah game but they did not hit when out or they still got the win their mccollum mccue gets the win in relief the rangers meet the royal six three in kansas city for cologne his fourth win of the year is two hundred and forty four th career win for him as he continues to defy the odds of baseball by continuing to play into his news late age a home runs for the rangers ensued chu is thirteenth adrian bell trae his third this season just third for and belcher but he got it out three wrench shot portillo cologne went six three three runs on nine hits one walk one strike out as like he gets his fourth win of the season mets beat up on the rockies badly in chorus field a big night for brandon nimmo as he hit two home runs in the seas of he's had an he's having a crazy season isn't he his eleventh and twelfth of the year for brennan mo off teller anderson when we're flora's said his fourth seven minutes rocco hit his seven of a season as they backed up jay graham who was absolute jacob degrom who's been who absolutely excellent he went eight innings one earned run to total but just one earned five hits one walk seven strikeouts is low as era down to one five one on the season looking to be between him and sherzer to start that game over there in the mid summer classic in a month in dc so yeah i think it's gonna be tween degrom his fifth win of the year it's how how troubled the mets have been the season as they have not given their ace any run support but he gets the win their diamondbacks meet the angel seven to four behind his ecotank he started his six one of the year is the angels the i'm back scored early and often in this one they got home runs from just an up or make that paul goldschmidt his fifteenth kendall morte his fifth nicole met his tenth of the year as a grinky win six thirty three runs on seven hits two walks five strikeouts cranky also gave up a couple of home runs one justin upton his sixteenth our pool halls whose twelve but that was not enough to up how many body who got knocked around quite a bit in this one the loss for the for the angels mike trout on this day as he continues to hit the ball well went to more hits for trial to more walks as well as they're failing him i'm sorry i continue to say it it's finally getting to the finally finally saw it on the mainstream talk shows on espn and such where there are finally asking the question if the angels are failing mike trout and a few he should be able to leave or should want to leave i i mean mean i just you're in the nba nba is crazy is quick little comment on this they nba's crazy when you just have a star quite leonard is asking i wanna trade i wanted i'm done a month team where mike trout can you do that in the end of the year here if you specially the angels miss the playoffs or even if they do make the playoffs squeak in and losing the wildcard game or losing the first round i mean he hasn't won a playoff series hasn't yet you've been a one ploughs and they lost in the first round so just shows you there all right to tuesday as that cubs dodgy and got rained out on on monday they played two on tuesday like i said giants beat the marlins six three to come back after dropping that game on on monday to get the win here behind eric rodriguez the son of a puzzle in riga's and he was pretty good this one just gave up three.

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