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Uh climate change or be that topic uh you know vaccines or genetically modified organisms yeah and it's also important kahan points out that you also see this uh this sort of thing outside of science you see you see the same uh process involved with say abortion or military recruitment any issue in which protest becomes a badge of identity and this place specifically into one paper that gone i too which is this paper they saw protest uh said this comes up in the conversation where you you can show people video of a protest taking place right and you ask them just objective facts about what they see the video did you see the protesters uh screaming and someone's face did you see the protesters blocking someone's path did you see the protesters doing this and that all these served negative behaviors that would render the protest in a bad light and it turns out people claimed to see different things in the video depending on whether they think the politics of the protesters lined up with their own right so if you show a person with certain politics a video and you say that it's people protesting outside an abortion clinic they'll have a very different report of what they see in the video than if you tell them that it's protesters outside a military recruiting center protesting don't ask don't tell right and this is a specific example of motivated reasoning maybe we can talk about motivated reasoning more later on but it's the fact that we we just do not process the facts of reality in the evidence of our senses with perfect objectivity we in fact process them in highly goal oriented way in a lot of times that goal is i don't want people like me or the people in my group to look bad.

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