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Are wellbelow freezing rep pike tried to hurt path happy to figure out where it's going to lay back and more snow the forecast for two nights from abc news i'm cheri preston talk on tariffs at the white house but nothing has signed yet president today tweeting about a meeting on his promise steel and aluminum tariffs there had been indications that he was going to sign those tariffs today but that apparently now isn't happening allies around the world are outraged by this prospect in the president saying that a trade war could be a good thing the white house in some concessions is now only to make some carveouts for allies like mexico and canada but the eu is livid about this in our allies there are promising swift retaliation be senior white house correspondent cecilia vega president trump this afternoon is expected to meet with members of the video game industry to talk about gun violence one time trump campaign manager cory lewin dow skis on capitol hill right now and sources tell abc news he's facing questions from the house intelligence committee on russian meddling in the election against the advice of his attorneys abc news has learned president trump then chief of staff reince priebus about his conversation with special counsel robert muller a source familiar with the encounter told abc news the president asked priebus if he had been treated fairly and if muller's team had been nice the new york times reports the precedent as similar questions have other witnesses sources close to the president believed there is no legal problem here the president's increase came after the individuals had met with a special council so they said there's no witness intimidation aaron katersky abc news new york as an a shakeup in the health care industry insurance company cigna is buying pharmacy benefits company express scripts sickness ceo david cortana eagleeyed we'll have more than one billion customer touch point each year and build on the differentiated capability and principle companies investigators in missouri now say a mistake led to the shooting death of a police officer from the little town of clinton missouri this week officers were supposed to be sent to an address.

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